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At breaking point: They form a temporary board of directors at the Coquimbo Tennis Club

by archysport

There seems to be no turning point for the relationship between Omar Yañez and the members of the Tennis club. A series of irregularities, revealed through Mi Radio, reveal the scarce communication that has existed in recent months between both parties.

One of the main annoyances is the lack of transparency, since they manifest “He has never held assemblies and neither does he show the club’s finances”. Among the complaints of the partners, they also point out that “In a land that was given by national assets, they have been profiting for two years and this is the cause of the loss of the loan of the fields”. They assure that there are also “Signatures adulterated in the minutes of the Tennis Club, which the partners involved have made complaints where appropriate.” All those quotes correspond to extracts obtained from a letter sent to Mi Radio by Christian Leyton, a member of the club.

This scenario apparently found its limit. A meeting was scheduled between the leadership and some partners, where they insist that they clarify the situation of the Padel court, one of the points in contention.

“It began with the opinion of a lawyer partner who proposes to elect two missing directors, so that the directive chaired by Omar Yañez will regularize with national assets the issue of the Padel courts, which are on the ground and the position of the board of the club that they have insistently proposed to carry out, which in our opinion is at least strange. “ Christian Leyton pointed out.

The answer that Yañez gave during the meeting did not leave the members satisfied at all

“The same president, Mr. Omar Yañez, arrived with a letter, where the courts are transferred to the private Padel courts for 36 additional months, with an agreement that does not benefit the club at all economically, and that was taken without consulting anyone.”

Despite the fact that at said meeting a substitute board was temporarily elected, of which Christian Leyton remained as president along with 4 other partners, being approved by two thirds of the 21 partners present. This decision would have caused the current directors of Omar Yañez, Winston Metiffogo and Claudio Casanova to leave the place.

The regular conduct, however, requires that elections be called within 30 days.

Close the letter, a request for clarification regarding the money from the sale of the old club, an amount close to 750 million pesos, money whose members say they do not know what has been invested.

The issue did not stop there. Through the Sports Organizations Unit, which depends on the Department of Inspection and Control of Sports Organizations of the National Sports Institute, a series of requirements are made to the club, within the framework of the supervisory process by office, where it is requested the delivery of Board Minutes Books, Assembly Minutes Book, Membership Registration Book, Accounting Books (Income and expenses), as well as Balance Sheets and reports.

“The important thing is that he is no longer president of the club, the majority of the members decided to look for a new path, of clarity, with democratic elections and we hope that he is a good person and can abide by the law, give us the club and their resources and not force us to continue with legal issues ” cerró Christian Leyton.

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