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That’s why Robert Lewandowski should have won

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Bundesliga top striker Robert Lewandowski showed outstanding performances in 2021 and would have deserved the title of best player. Instead, the man with the greatest charisma wins. A farce.

That Lionel Messi at the Ballon d’Or 2021 as the best player was awarded and Robert Lewandowski landed behind him in second place is an absolute cheek. Of course, the Bayern attacker should have won the title. There was no better player on the planet in 2021. Just take a look at the numbers:

Lewandowski cracked Gerd Müller’s age-old scoring record in the Bundesliga with 41 goals last season. An extraordinary success. Because until then, Müller’s record (40 goals) was unattainable. And this season he is picking up exactly where he left off last season: He has scored 14 goals in 12 league games so far, and in his 19 competitive games he has again scored an outstanding 25 goals. Lewandowski scored a sensational 64 hits in the entire calendar year 2021. An insane value.

Messi can’t keep up at all in 2021

Messi can’t keep up with that at all. The 34-year-old has played seven league games for Paris this season and only scored one measly goal. He scored 41 goals in his competitive games throughout 2021. That is a whopping 23 goals less than Lewandowski scored.

Robert Lewandowski before the gala with his wife Anna. (Source: Reuters)

The decision in favor of Messi is a huge mess. Even the players who ended up behind Lewandowski at the Ballon d’Or – Karim Benzema, N’golo Kante and Jorginho – would have deserved the title more than the Argentine.

It’s a shame that the name and the charisma obviously count more than the athletic performance in this choice.


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