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‘Goodbye cowboy’ – Joshua Maya

by archysport

To many professional athletes, not only in the NFLWe have heard them say “I want to withdraw before I feel sorry”, leave by their means and not that the media and their level withdraw them. Yesterday, Ben Roethlisberger, the famous Big Ben, should have announced his goodbye, if not immediately because the Steelers have no one to replace him, say that he is no longer going the moment the season is over.

I am a few years older than Ben, but I feel that if I started playing a billet I would look as bad as the quarterback looked against the Bengals, extremely slow, old, without ideas, without solutions, without leadership, without encouragement, without desire to lift your team. After the blows you received, it will take at least two days for your body to stop hurting.

# 7 is a historical, it will be Hall of Fame, loved by the Steelers’ action for eternity, but there is no deadline that does not expire and his time has already expired, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not. The crushing loss to the Bengals leaves the Steelers in a very bad position, last in the division, it will surely be the first season that Mike Tomlin has been below .500 and the Playofs’ hopes are dashed. The end of an era.

A year and months younger than Ben is Aaron Rodgers and the difference is enormous. The # 12 yesterday gave one of the best games that I have seen, it was not going to be easy the task of facing the Rams defense that had two weeks to prepare the game, finally with Von Miller next to Aaron Donald, but He smashed them to pieces and not only with their game, but also with the way they move their pieces before each play, their chemistry with Davante Adams is unmatched, at times it is a Fair Play foul to have them on a team.

The Packers gave a negative image last week against the Vikings, but simply because they have Rodgers and Adams, they are still considered the favorites in the NFC to reach the Super Bowl, no matter who it hurts, including me of course.

Last week I dedicated several lines to the Patriots, yesterday again they saw themselves as a team that nobody will want to face in Playofs, they are a full-fledged team, with a spectacular balance in all their lines. Today they wake up as # 2 in the AFC, tied with the Ravens, next week they visit the Bills, before whom they can give a hard blow to the table and make it clear that they are back in the elite.



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