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“For some sports clubs in Senigallia, the plant situation is very burdensome”

by archysport

“There is a clear difference in treatment between those who use municipal and provincial gyms”


Following the controversy between some sports clubs and the municipal administration regarding the increase in the prices of municipal gyms, it seems appropriate to intervene, such as ASD Badminton Senigallia, to point out that there are sports clubs in the city that live a very burdensome situation regarding the costs of gyms just because they use school facilities that belong to the province.

In our case we are obliged to use gyms in the province because they are the only ones that allow our discipline the necessary spaces both in height and in width, for the formation of at least 4 playing fields.

Taking into account that we train continuously all year round at the ITCG “Corinaldesi” gym for 5 and 1/2 hours a week and in the summer, because it is cooler, in the gym of the “Padovano” institute, we have these hourly costs : cost of ITCG “Corinaldesi” € 11.30 / hour cost of IIS “Padovano” € 11.88 / hour

At the end of the calendar year, the total expenditure for the use of the gyms for only 5 1/2 hours per week varies between € 2500,00 -3000,00 (the variation depends on the fact that more or less tournaments may be scheduled on weekends for which the use of the gym is required).

A significant figure that represents an onerous economic commitment for our company. A clear difference in treatment therefore emerges between companies that use municipal facilities and companies that they use provincial plants.

A heavy disparity for our company, already repeated several times to the previous Administration, also in the Consulta dello Sport. This press release for greater clarity on the situation of some Senigallian sports clubs.

Alessandro Bailetti


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