NBA: Luckless Schröder and strong Wagner brothers lose

Dennis Schröder and the Boston Celtics suffered an unfortunate defeat in the NBA. At the Washington Wizards, the Celtics lost after two extra times with 112: 115.

The German playmaker got nine assists and three steals, most of the game, but Schröder only hit one of his seven throws from the field.

Schröder and the Celtics had major throwing problems, especially from the three-point line, the entire team only managed two out of 26 attempts.

While the wizards around top scorer Bradley Beal, who scored 36 points, have had five wins from the first six games of the season, the Wizards have had a bad start with just two wins.

Strong Wagner brothers lose

Meanwhile, the Detroit Pistons were the last NBA team to win their first win of the season against the Orlando Magic with the strong Wagner brothers.

At 110: 103, the Pistons’ current number one draft pick Cade Cunningham made his debut after recovering from an ankle injury.

Franz Wagner started for Magic and scored 19 points, a personal best in his young NBA career. Brother Moritz Wagner contributed 13 points coming from the bank.

After the first loss of the season for the Utah Jazz, there is no longer an unbeaten team in the league. The Chicago Bulls lost to Jazz 99: 107.



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