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Giuseppe Franco admitted to the Dunical Career program of the University of Calabria-Rende

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The Rector of the University of Calabria Nicola Leone officially kicked off on Friday (November 26, 2021), in the Aula Magna of the University of Calabria, the DUnicAL ​​Career program, which will make competitive sports commitment compatible with a university career.

Eight athletes were admitted in this first year to the program for this first edition. In addition to Giovanni Tocci, there are Giorgia Gloria Fontana, a promise of sports dance, who boasts a second place in the national combined at the Italian Championships, enrolled in the degree course in Economics; Giuseppe Franco (Italian Federation of Judo Fight, Karate and Martial Arts), multi-medalized in national and international competitions, who attends the degree course in Educational Sciences; swimmer Luca Nuzzolo, holder of numerous regional records in the 1,500 freestyle and relay, enrolled in the degree course in Management Engineering. Among the new Unical freshmen also Valentina Panza (Mechanical Engineering), multiple medal winner at the FITAV Grand Prix (Italian Shooting Federation) in the Olympic Shooting Pit specialty, which already has seven appearances in the national team; Debora Sala (Chemistry), athlete of the Italian Federation of Judo Fighting Karate and Martial Arts and multiple medal winner at the National University Championships; Pasquale Selvarolo (Mechanical Engineering), middle distance runner, fourth classified at the European Under 23 Championships in the 10,000 meters on track (Tallin 2021) and Italian under 23 champion in the 5,000 meters on the track, 10,000 meters on the track and half marathon. Ahmed Semmah, also middle-distance runner, third in the Italian 5,000 meter ranking (Mechanical engineering). The DUnicAl Career program allows the student-athlete to combine their sports career with study in a flexible way. There are many concessions provided by Unical for sports champions who decide to graduate: the student-athletes admitted to the program are offered partial exemption from attending lessons, the possibility of enrolling on a part-time basis, the temporary suspension of studies for one year for important sporting commitments (such as participation in the Olympic Games or World Championships) a dedicated office to support the use of the University services, a dedicated tutor, flexibility of exam sessions, exemptions from taxes, accommodation and canteen service free and, of course, access to the university sports facilities. Among the many messages from sportsmen and heads of Olympic committees and associations, including that of Coni president Giovanni Malagò, Paolo Pizzo, multiple award-winning fencer and member of the national council of Coni and Paolo Bouquet, president of UniSport Italia, also spoke. Also present in the room were the mayor of Cosenza, Franz Caruso, and the councilor of Rende, Domenico Ziccarelli. Congratulations to the Athlete Franco and Martial Kroton Ryu from the Fijlkam Calabria Regional President M ° Enzo Migliarese and the Vice President of the Karate sector M ° Gerardo Gemelli. The President of the ASD Martial Kroton Ryu M ° Francesco Bellino, unable to attend the Unical ceremony because he was involved in the trip to the Italian Junior Karate Championship held in Ostia Lido, congratulated his student Giuseppe by telephone for the important goal achieved. and thanked, on behalf of the Martial school, Maestro Mario Straface of Cosenza, for representing Fijlkam and Martial having attended and supported the Crotonese Athlete in the prestigious ceremony. The President of Martial Bellino extends a special thanks to the Rector of the University of Calabria Nicola Leone for having started this very important project “DUnicAl Career” which allows the student-athlete to combine their sporting passion with study.

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