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“The technical foul? He charged me”

by archysport

There was a bet, that after trying to do the technical foul for the whole game and having found it only in the fourth quarter, Stephen Curry would go wild shortly thereafter, it could be read in the expression on his face.

And so it was, Curry scored 13 of its 33 points In the fourth period of the match won by 105-90 against the LA Clippers, the number 18 win this season for its Golden State Warriors. 7 out of 13 three-pointers, 5 rebounds and 6 assists in his final score, together with Jordan Poole Stephen Curry and the Warriors also “blitz” Paul George and his teammates with 61 points in the second half.

Match which in the second half becomes rough, with several contacts, and above all when coach Tyronn Lue, tired of his team’s misguided rebound, fielded Isaiah Hartenstein. Golden State tries to accelerate in the third quarter with 4 triple from Jordan Poole but Paul George always mends the tear, the fourth period, however, is the terrain of Curry.

Steph gets mad at the referees with about 8 minutes left to play, when he is stopped under the basket by a foul, according to him, of Terance Mann. The whistle doesn’t come and Curry yells his frustration against the nearest referee, the technical foul It is inevitable. Just as what comes next is inevitable: 13 points, three triples, tame Clippers in just 4 minutes and Otto Porter Jr and Andrew Wiggins also participate in the operation.

With Sunday’s game, Stephen Curry became the fastest NBA player to reach altitude 100 triples scored in one season, beating… himself in just 19 games dispute.

The technical foul? I thought I was fouled, I let myself go for a second“, Says Curry”I charged up, I managed to use all that energy to score“. Steve Kerr he said of “never having seen Curry so angry, and he was right, it was foul. Strange that I did not take a technical foul too, in any case it seems that it worked to unblock it“.

It’s not something that happens to him often, but it can suddenly happen. It was also an easy call to see all in all … and when Steph knows he’s right he gets angry for a moment, but then he passes.“.

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