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VIDEO. The goalkeeper “Pituca” Almeida shows on TikTok that he breaks it as a scorer

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The Firpo player shared a goal from a free kick that he scored in a practice and was of great invoice

If you want to dedicate yourself to being a scorer, it could work for you. But, above all, when it comes to so many in stationary plays. And it is that goalkeeper Joel “Pituca” Almeida shared a goal he scored on his social networks, in training with L.Á. Firpo.

Almeida, who has only been a substitute in the Pampero team, described that his goal made him “like a fluke”, but the team celebrated it with everything. His video was posted on his TikTok, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and it has already had a good number of reproductions.

And it is that in one of the intersquadras of the bulls, in the stadium “Sergio Torres” of Usulután, the Mexican goalkeeper played in another position and showed that he can not do so badly if he also charges set pieces. He took a direct shot at the bow.

In the short, Almeida is seen taking a mid-distance shot, away from the small area, and when he charges his right leg, he defines the goal, the left sector of the teammate who is acting as goalkeeper. At the end, you can hear the shouts of the teammates celebrating from the bench.

In the added text, he wrote: “Well, today it was my turn for contention in the intersquadrons, and in the end this goal fluke came out,” and he referred to the definition from two days ago (Wednesday, possibly).

“Hahahaha, of containment charging free kick, and the celebration of these slugs, hahahaha”, he added in the description.

Goalkeeper Joel “Pituca” Almeida flies to reject a ball, during a training session with Firpo. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image / https: //twitter.com/PytukzJ…/status/1413686702477127681…

At the moment, the video of the Aztec has already more than 3,324 views, a couple of comments and more than a hundred favorites. While in the network of the little camera, it already counted almost more than 1,300 views.

“El Pituca”, who shared on Friday his achievement by having graduated as a soccer coach, in the generation of coaches class “C” of the Association of Soccer Coaches of El Salvador (AEFES), continues working to regain ownership in the pampero team. In this tournament, Almeida played as a starter only in the first days.

Firpo congratulated him on his sporting achievement, on his twitter account: “The teacher Pituca Almeida! Congratulations to our player for his graduation as a ‘C’ class coach ”, to which the goalkeeper replied:“ Thank you very much for your support ”.


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