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Pallacanestro Recanati triumphs in the derby against Attila Junior Porto Recanati

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The derby is yellow and blue, Svethia gives the most beautiful joy to its wonderful audience and breaks through the Porto Recanati field which remains the best equipped team of the entire C Silver. Without Raponi and Principi the boys of coach Padovano literally threw their hearts over the obstacle dominating the match for long stretches, knowing how to suffer when Porto Recanati put his head forward and recovering in the final that delivered a historic success, probably among the more beautiful than the young life of the Leopardi association. Defending and running on the counterattack is the diktat at Svethia, the very young band from Recanati does it perfectly, also helped by a zone defense that immediately pays off.

The +7 (12-19) of the first quarter testifies to the difficulty of finding the basket by the hosts who pay above all the bad percentages from long distance while among the yellow and blue it is the Bartolucci-Peric couple to act as a tow. Same script also in the second ten minutes with the difficulties of the riparians only partially overshadowed by the usual Baldoni absolute ruler of the painted. Recanati has an athletic freshness and the bravado of those who seriously believe in it: at the well-deserved interval +12 (28-40) for an absolute star of the match Svethia. The long break does not seem to change the plot of the match, however the rotations of coach Padovano reduced to the bone begin to weigh on the economy of a match that sees Porto Recanati return up to -3 (51-54) with which the last ones open ten minutes of play.

And it is precisely in the last fraction that another game completely different from the one seen up to that moment begins: Attila Basket exploits a blackout that would have annihilated anyone and with the triple of Centanni and Lupetti overtakes and even flies to +7. It seems the end of the dream for Svethia who, however, has the ability to stay in the match by clinging to Peric, as usual Bartolucci and the vivacity of Federico Gelsomini in his first double figures of the season. It goes to tears now, Recanati stitches up and overtakes but Lupetti with a triple plus foul brings his team back two. Bartolucci stops and shoots and it is still a draw, Svethia defends well and Peric puts in the +2 (67-69) which sends the over one hundred fans who came from Colle dell’Infinito into raptures. Recanati wins the derby, hooks his cousins ​​in the standings and gives himself an unforgettable evening. (Source: Pallacanestro Recanati communication area)

Attila Junior Porto Recanati – Recanati basketball 67-69

Porto Recanati: Ruggiero, Mancini 4, Lupetti 15, Centanni 12, Battestin ne, Gurini 7, Cingolani 8, Redolf ​​ne, Losinski ne, Giri ne, Attili, Baldoni 22. All. Scalabroni

Recanati: Palmieri 3, Bartolucci 16, Gabrielloni ne, Gelsomini F. 13, Palmieri 3, Principi ne, Sabbatini 6, Borsetta ne, Ottaviani 3, Peric 16, Gelsomini L. ne, Pezzotti 6. All. Padua

Partial: 12-19, 16-21, 23-14, 16-15.
Progressives: 12-19, 28-40, 51-54, 67-69.
Released for 5 fouls: nobody

Photo Credits: Alfonso Alfonsi


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