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Vaccination debate: Paul Breitner goes on Bayern’s Joshua Kimmich – Bundesliga

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The Kimmich case continues to gain momentum!

Ex-national player Paul Breitner (70) is now also sharply attacking the Bayern star’s stance in the vaccination debate!

“I don’t need to argue with anyone about whether or not to get vaccinated. For me there is only one direction to get vaccinated, “says Breitner in the” Sunday regulars table “of the BR.

Further: “And it’s not about being a role model, it’s about the individual. If he decides against it, then I have no sympathy for it. “

The debate has “basically nothing to do with being a role model, it’s about him,” emphasizes the Bayern legend.

Breitner would not use unvaccinated players: “I was responsible for the team at FC Bayern for five years. And he would have with me – and also the other four (non-mipped players, d. Red.) – these five would not have played with me, not even trained with us. I would have said to them: people, goodbye! Back there, you can run up and down the mountain, but not here. That will not do!”

He agrees with a statement by Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp (54). At the beginning of October – in the debate in England about unvaccinated professionals – he said in a sense that refusing a corona vaccination was like drinking and driving.

“By that he meant and perhaps could have said: Not to be vaccinated is potential, willful bodily harm,” says Breitner.

A week ago, Kimmich had confirmed that he had not yet been vaccinated due to a lack of long-term studies – although he himself had founded an action (“We kick Corona”) that also organized vaccinations.

For this, the national player received heavy criticism and started a debate about a possible role model function.


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