PSG: “If players like that have chosen to come here, it is not for the holidays,” said Marquinhos

“At the start, we didn’t think we would spend all these years in Paris”. And yet, even if Marco Verratti is surprised by it himself, it is 2021 and they are still there. The Italian, who arrived in 2012, is the “dean” of a Parisian locker room that he took over almost 10 years ago and where he remained despite the many opportunities he had to leave. At his side, Marquinhos, who arrived in Paris a year later, is now the captain of PSG, a role in which he succeeded his friend and mentor Thiago Silva last season.

Interviewed jointly by Téléfoot, the two men reaffirmed it: the objective this season, and their common dream, is to lift this Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain after all these years spent at the club: “To win the Champions League is everyone’s dream. It is the most important. We want to make history even more together, in this jersey ”. “It’s consistency at the top level that makes you get there,” says Marquinhos. We don’t want to be a team that arrives once in the final and disappears. The C1 is one of our objectives for the season, it is very important, but we must not forget the championship because last season, we lost it, and it hurts not to see the champion PSG of France. “

A C1 for which PSG will have a new weapon, Leo Messi, the icing on the cake of a five-star Parisian transfer window. “In France, we believe that if we buy Messi, we win the Champions League, yet tempers Verratti. But there are also Cristiano Ronaldo’s teams, and others, whose goal is also to win the Champions League. It’s not just PSG. “For Marquinhos, this avalanche of prestigious arrivals, however, sends a message:” It’s nice to see all these great players arriving, experienced players who have shown the character to win important things in other clubs. It shows that Paris is on the right track. If players like that have chosen to come here, it is not for the holidays, they see the potential of Paris to win even more titles. “

Of course, the two men were also invited to express themselves on the potential departure of Kylian Mbappé, which would deprive PSG of a trio Mbappé-Neymar-Messi yet appetizing. “Of course we always want the best to stay here,” says Verratti. We want to play with the strongest, and Kylian is one of them. We’ll see how it goes, he’s here now and we hope he stays. “


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