For Piacenza Baseball a special greeting from the Miami Marlins shortstop

It comes directly from the American Major League (the number one baseball league in the world) and more precisely from the Miami Marlins, a very special greeting addressed to the boys of Piacenza Baseball.

L’interbase venezuelano Miguel Rojas he wished the red and white of coach Marenghi, engaged in the Serie B championship, their good luck in view of the season finale. “I know that you are doing an excellent championship – said the South American player in a video shot inside the San Diego stadium – and I send you my support so that you can continue like this, reaching the playoffs to win Serie B”.

Piacenza which, having put the August break behind it, will have a rest session this Sunday. The red and white will return to the field on 5 September hosting the Avigliana at De Benedetti. Marenghi’s team will have to try to end a growing championship in the best possible way but which, at the current state of the standings, does not reserve big goals for them as both the top and the bottom are too far away. And if by now the relegation of Legnano seems obvious, the games are still to be played at the top. Four teams mathematically involved who, coincidentally, on Sunday will face each other in delicate head-to-head clashes that could prove to be at least partly decisive. The leaders Poviglio risks in the derby against Reggio Emilia, fourth, while Codogno, third, puts in the away match in Parma, at the home of the Junior second, the last hopes of remaining in the running for the promotion which, we remember, will be the direct prerogative only of the first classified.

THE GAMES: Junior Parma-Codogno, Poviglio-Reggio Emilia and Legnano Ares Milan.

RANKING: Poviglio 833 (24 plays – 20 won – 4 lost), Junior Parma 773 (22-17-5), Codogno 708 (24-17-7), Reggio 636 (22-14-8), Piacenza 583 (24- 14-10), Fossano 333 (24-8-16), Avigliana 368 (26-8-18), Ares Milano 292 (24-7-17), Legnano 045 (22-1-21).

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