Christian Eriksen “can go home on Wednesday” after heart failure at E…

Things are getting better with Christian Eriksen. The Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport even claims that the Danish playmaker may leave the hospital on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the Danish Football Association also shared a first image of the Inter player.

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The 29-year-old Eriksen suddenly collapsed on the field on Saturday evening in the game against Finland (0-1 loss) and had to be resuscitated. On leaving the stadium in Copenhagen, the Inter Milan playmaker regained consciousness. He is now recovering in hospital. According to the Danish federation spokesman Jakob Höyer, his condition is “stable and good”, he said on Monday.

In the meantime, the Dane also received a visit from teammates Kasper Schmeichel and Simon Kjaer. “He was in a good mood,” said the son of football icon Peter Schmeichel. “It was great to see him again and hear his voice. He is himself again. It has been a scary experience for everyone. He told me he doesn’t know what exactly happened, but it’s clear that he and his family are very touched by the situation. The most important thing for us is that he is doing well. That allows us to continue.”

Photo: AFP


According to the Gazzetta, Eriksen is even doing so well that he should be allowed to go home on Wednesday. If the investigations still to be conducted on Tuesday allow it. “But it is not certain that a thorough diagnosis can be made quickly,” according to the pink sports newspaper. “It could take days, plus additional investigations, to find out exactly what went wrong last Saturday. And above all to understand whether Eriksen will still be able to play football in the future.”

The midfielder will follow Denmark’s next European Championship matches, next Thursday against the Red Devils and next Monday against Russia. “In any case, he wants to support his team against Belgium as a supporter,” said his manager. He did not say whether Eriksen will be present in the Parken Stadium.

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The Gazzetta also reports that the medical staff of Italian champions Inter are closely monitoring the situation and that Eriksen asked for… a pizza on Monday. “After breakfast and lunch, the Dane wanted something other than hospital food,” it sounds. “His request: a pizza. Someone from the Danish national team then drove to a restaurant in Copenhagen, where the Italian delicacy was prepared. Immediately after that, it went back to the hospital and the pizza box arrived on the 14th floor just in time.”

On Tuesday morning, the Danish Football Association came with a first photo of Eriksen in the hospital. “Hello everyone. Thank you for all the sweet and wonderful messages from all over the world. It means a lot to me and my family,” said the 29-year-old midfielder. “I’m okay, given the circumstances. I still have some tests to do, but I feel okay. Now I will be cheering on my Danish team-mates in the upcoming matches.”



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