Wonju City, Recruitment of affiliates for sports lecture support project for the disabled

(Photo = Wonju-si)

The city of Wonju announced on the 15th that it will carry out regular recruitment in order to expand the membership facilities of the currently nine sports lectures for the disabled.

One of the support projects for the National Sports Fund, the support for sports lectures for the disabled, is a business that supports the tuition fees for sports classes in order to contribute to social integration by ensuring opportunities for the disabled to enjoy sports and relieving social alienation.

The project provides 80,000 won per month to low-income disabled people on a monthly basis, and it plans to select and support general disabled people in August.

Accordingly, among sports facilities in accordance with the Act on the Installation and Use of Sports Facilities, basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling, swimming, judo, soccer, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, etc. It should be possible to open courses for the disabled, such as physical education.

Facility operators wishing to join can apply on the website of the Sports Lecture Ticket for the Disabled.

Shin Hyo-jae, reporter for Money Today Broadcast MTN

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