Argentina 1×1: Martínez and Messi’s great goal are not enough

Emiliano Martínez: Solid throughout the game, he saved a penalty to Vidal and could not do anything in the rebound of Vargas’ goal.

Montiel: He did not have weight in attack as on other occasions, he has to be more encouraged to pass. He had to cover Martinez Quarta’s mistakes.

Martínez Fourth. Argentina’s lowest performance in the starting eleven. Erratic with the ball on his feet, he committed many fouls and was late for coverage. After Romero’s game the other day, his low level was more noticeable.

Otamendi. On your line. Good in the man to man but bad in the output of the ball. Playing on the left side does not favor him and the Argentine midfielders feel it.

Tagliafico. He committed the penalty of the tie when he arrived to help the central pair. He had several good additions in attack but he still needs to loosen up more, although the Scaloni system does not ask him so much.

From Paul. Better in the first half than in the second. The fatigue was noticed in Udinese and Argentina noticed it.

Walls. Lazy game from PSG, who was always closely watched by Vargas, especially in the first half. Lasarte studied the former Boca well and put a guy on top of him, something that was bad for Scaloni’s team.

It Celso. He is not yet for 90 minutes and was substituted, but in the first half he was a highlight thanks to his vision of the game and his quality.

Messi. He scored a great goal from a free kick but could not define the game. He moved well although at times he was without much contact with the ball. The goal of play will already come.

Nicholas González. He was able to score three goals in the match. He is physically better and better and the team notices it.

Lautaro Martinez. You still don’t feel comfortable. He has no clear goal chances and when he does, he cannot convert. You have to remove the “mufa” to be calm.

They also played

Say Maria. He came in from the right and had several standout plays. He has to dribble and be the one to define some matches.

Palacios. Testimonial presence of the Leverkusen player. He entered but could never have weight in the game.

Joaquin Correa. He tried it on the left but did not define the few he had.

Omen. He had fifteen minutes but could not connect at any time with the team.

Molina. He gave him air on the right, it is a good option and he is going to challenge Montiel for the position.


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