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Was there a fight in America’s dressing room after losing to Cerro Porteño?

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After America from Cali ended up eliminated from the Copa Libertadores, a rumor about an alleged fight between the members of the squad began to haunt the networks.

It’s been a few days since América de Cali lost a decisive match in the group stage of the Liberators cup which condemned them to the elimination of this championship, but after completing that commitment, a rumor began to circulate on social networks where they claimed that some players they had finished to the blows In the dressing room.

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Fortunately for the squad, the issue was nothing more than that, a rumor, but there are some journalists who continue to give the issue a ball. This Saturday, in the middle of an interview with the ‘Petiso’ Arango on his YouTube channel, Tulio Gomez, maximum shareholder of the red box, referred to the issue attesting that he was present in Paraguay.

There were knocks in the dressing room?I was there. If there is one thing in this team, it is harmony; They were very hurt, very sad, very boars, because this game had to be won, but there are no gamines here. Unfortunately it is not the first time that something like this has been said, because there are some journalists who make up some things and because they are the first to give news they lose their credibility“.

Starting this weekend, the America players went on a vacation period and will be returning until July, considering that several of them did not have time to rest at the beginning of the year, as they finished in the final on the 27th of July. December and January 11 were already back in official matches.

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