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Bucks First to Reach Second Round of NBA Knockout Tournament, Jazz Leads Series

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The Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday became the first team to reach the second round of the National Basketball Association elimination tournament. Milwaukee basketball players beat last season’s finalists Miami “Heat” with a result of 120: 103. Jazz beat Grizzlies 121: 111 and Portland beat Denver 115: 95.

In the Eastern Conference quarter-finals to four wins, the Bucks team was 4-0 ahead and forced the Miami Heat to capitulate throughout the series.

Jannis Adetokunbo, who scored 20 points, won 12 rebounds and played 15 times with a triple-double. Brook Lopez had 25 points, Brian Forbs scored 22 points and Chris Middleton scored 20 points.

Bems Adebajo scored in the Heat ranks with 20 points and 14 balls under the baskets.

“Heat” has become only the second team, which after a 4-0 victory in the first round in the next season in the “play-off” introduction loses 0-4. In 2004, the New Jersey Nets stopped the New York Knicks 4-0 in the first round, but a year later the Heat lost 0-4.

Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz took the lead in the quarter-finals of the Western Conference 2-1, which was superior to the Grizzlies in Memphis with a result of 121: 111 (34:22, 28:29, 34:34, 25:26).

Donovan Mitchell scored 29 points for the winners, ten of them in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, former Grizzlies basketball player Mike Conley repeated his career record with seven accurate long shots and scored 27 points. Rudy Gober voted with 15 points and 14 rebounds.

In the Grizzlies team, Jan Morant had 28 points, but Dilon Brooks had one point less.

Still in the West, the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Denver Nuggets 115-25 (32:24, 25:23, 36:19, 22:29) at home with a score of 2-2.

Trail Blazers basketball player Norman Powell repeated his career record in the playoffs with 29 points, while Christian Jams McCollum scored 21 points. Damian Lilard scored just one of ten shots from the game, but scored ten points, ten assists and eight rebounds.

In the Nuggets, Nikola Jokičs finished the game with 16 points and nine rebounds. In the fourth quarter, Jokičs and Lilards didn’t go to the field at all.

It has already been reported that Dāvis Bertāns scored eight points on Saturday, while in the quarterfinals of the Washington Wizards Eastern Conference at home with the result 103: 132 (28:36, 30:36, 28:37, 17:23), the Philadelphia “76ers” gave up. in the series up to four wins is in the lead with 3-0.


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