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New letter friendship in German football

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Dhe power struggle in the German Football Association (DFB) continues after the state and regional associations’ vote of no confidence in the DFB President Fritz Keller and Secretary General Friedrich Curtius continued unabated. It has now also led to an open confrontation between Christian Seifert, the managing director of the German Football League (DFL), and the controversial DFB Vice President Rainer Koch. A few weeks before the European Championship, German football – in which everyone fights everyone at the official level and everyone is next to himself – is in a completely torn state.

First called on Tuesday afternoon Seifert the Vice-President asked for a statement because he was irritated by rumors that the DFL wanted to “structurally smash” the DFB. Seifert claims to have received a corresponding request from “Spiegel” on Monday with a note that Koch had expressed these concerns at the amateur representatives’ conference on Sunday. According to this, Seifert’s departure from the DFL, which is planned for 2022, is related to a change to a private equity company that wants to enter the German football business. In Seifert’s letter to Koch, which was also sent to the 36 German professional clubs, and from which the “Kicker” quotes, it says: “First of all, I would ask you to comment on the DFL as to whether you have expressed your opinion and if so to whom. “

As a result, Seifert denies the rumors about plans of the DFL and by himself. Instead, he recommends “all persons currently in a responsible position in the DFB to refrain from making ongoing and recurring subordinates to the DFL. The obvious problems of the dysfunctional system DFB can be solved – if you really are primarily concerned with the employees of the DFB and its member associations – not by building up imaginary enemy images and adventurous conspiracy theories, but by long overdue structural and personnel reforms. “

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According to the sports information service, Koch’s answer is “no less violent” in an eight-page letter, which in turn is available to the news agency. Seifert’s assertion of the dissemination of information, “meanwhile very well distributed in all media channels nationwide”, was “fictitious”, writes Koch therefore. “I will neither let myself be provoked by verbal abuses on your part in presidium meetings (just a reminder: in the last meeting, not only did Mr. Keller behave unspeakably, your behavior would actually give me considerable cause for an apology”) intimidate me and let myself be dissuaded from my commitment to the interests of amateur football “, continued Koch:” And certainly I will not allow myself to be provoked by false claims. “He never said that the” DFL wanted to smash the DFB “. That is “not even remotely like that”.

In the course of the day, according to information from the FAZ, it became apparent that an immediate resignation of DFB President Keller is now considered unlikely. The decision of the independent ethics committee of the DFB, which decided on Monday evening that the “Keller case” will now be heard by the association’s sports court, does not lead to a quick withdrawal of the president.

Keller has not yet commented on the amateur representatives’ vote of no confidence in Potsdam. That is expected shortly. Likewise, the president will not insist on remaining at the top of the DFB until the end of his term of office. Meanwhile, his supporters advocate that he should fight his case before the sports court as the incumbent. Not least in order to be able to remain involved in extensive changes at the top of the association in the remaining time.

The judgment of the sports court is expected this month. Keller must answer for the fact that he spoke the name of the chairman of the Reich Court of Justice, Freisler, to himself at a meeting of the presidium, with a view to Vice-President Koch. At this meeting, however, Keller’s statement was not an issue because his words are said to have hardly been heard. Two days later switched off Curtius the ethics committee. On Monday she had also discussed two motions against Curtius, whom the amateur representatives had also expressed their distrust the day before. This concerns the circumstances in the course of the immediate termination of Keller’s office manager as well as the forwarding of a letter from Keller to the media consultant Kurt Diekmann. The results were “submitted to the DFB as employer of the Secretary General for decision”.


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