«I consider Mourinho a friend. With Guardiola I have not spoken again »

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There are few players in the world who know what it is to be under the orders of José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, two of the most influential coaches in football in the 21st century. One is Cesc Fàbregas, who has opened up about the relationship he has with both coaches in an interview for ‘Tot Costa’.

The now midfielder of 33 years of the Monaco He assured that he believes he still has a lot of football in his boots, at the same time that he took stock of his career. After becoming an idol in the Arsenal, returned home to wear Barça again, where he was trained by Guardiola. But despite the successes achieved together, it does not seem that that relationship ended entirely well, at least on the personal level: «I have not spoken with Guardiola again. There are things that happened that I don’t have to talk about, “he said, and shortly afterwards put in value what he learned from him:” He was my idol in my childhood, perhaps he is the person from whom I have learned the most, as a player, as an idol and then as a coach and that’s it, “he added.

After passing through Barcelona, ​​Fàbregas went to Chelsea, where he would play five seasons, coinciding with the stage of Mourinho on the bench. «Mourinho was the one who inspired me the most to leave Barça. He told me that we had had them on the pitch when he was at Chelsea and I at Arsenal and then when he was training for Real Madrid and I was at Barcelona, ​​but that for him it all ended there, and he told me about his project. I prioritized the professional, and today I continue to write with him and I consider him a friend, he helped me a lot at the time and it may be that he played one of my best seasons with him ”, he now admits.

Eto’o and Ibra, other examples

It is not the first time that Guardiola has gone badly off when compared to Mourinho. Samuel Eto’o, vital to the successes of Guardiola’s first season on the Barcelona bench, they were also seen with the coach. In fact, at first Guardiola did not have him, but finally he continued as Barça player and was a key piece for the coach. Still, the following summer he went to Inter de Milan in an operation with Zlatan Ibrahimovic involved. There it coincided with Mourinho, with whom he won the Champions League in 2010. Later they would meet again in the Chelsea.

«I reminded Guardiola when he arrived that he had never been a great player. And I clearly told him that the one who would win him would be Eto’o. He never had the courage to say things to my face, “he declared in 2014.

Precisely Ibrahimovic It has been another who has praised Mourinho and has “shot” against Guardiola. He’s a coward, he’s not a man. He sacrificed me for Messi, his star, and did not have the courage to tell me, “he said at the time. “His philosophical speech is shit for advanced,” he noted. Instead, the Portuguese said the following: «Mourinho does not need to play a role. The other (for Guardiola) wants to be perfect ».

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