News "To come to Espanyol is to grow; It is...

"To come to Espanyol is to grow; It is the greatest opportunity I have ever had "


Bernardo Espinosa Y Ander Iturraspe they are signings of similar style for the Spanish. Veterans, with experience in First and eager to demonstrate, in full soccer maturity, his worth in a demanding project. However, the race of both has had very different routes. This Monday they were presented at the Torremirona hotel where the club is concentrated for the preseason. For Bernardo was another of the several presentations he has lived; for Iturraspe, the first.

Rufete, director of professional soccer of Espanyol, wanted to highlight only start a detail that always likes to stand out, and even more after the beginning of summer moved that the blue and white squad lived: "For us it is very important that people want to be here." And both Bernardo and Iturraspe, in meals, meetings and other meetings during the negotiations showed that "at all times they wanted to be with us." They are reinforcements, as Rufete explains, to "provide the coach with more possibilities to do what he has in his head".

I want to make things difficult for the coach with work, experience and hunger "

The Colombian central comes from Girona after having descended to Second
. In these last two seasons in the Girona team was a very important player and wants to continue down the same path. "I have been two years with continuity. I want to make things difficult for the coach. I feel at a suitable and appropriate time to offer the club that bit of work, experience and hunger, "said Bernardo, who points" to the top "to be the first time you can play European competitions.

The situation of Iturraspe is very different. The Basque midfielder, when Athletic Club I trained him Marcelo Bielsa, was at such a level that it was even shortlisted for the Brazil World Cup 2014 by Vicente del Bosque. However, these last campaigns their presence has been almost nil and that's why I did not renew with the lions, a club I was in when I was ten years old.

It was very clear that it was time and I wanted to continue competing at the highest level "

"It's the first time I've changed teams. It was clear that it was the moment, that I wanted to continue competing at the highest level and Espanyol is a perfect club for the situation, a great historic club, "explained Iturraspe. The player reiterated that "he had very clear that he wanted to change", because he saw it as "an end of the cycle". The change needed, above all, "at the mental level"; "I was maybe saturated, I do not know what to call it, but I had to take the step forward and it's an opportunity."

The two players consider that the fact that Espanyol will compete to enter Europa League It is a clear "incentive", but they also praised the project that was offered to them. "It's a project backed with work from the back, in an ascending line and it's the right time to get on the road," said Bernardo, who also saw it as "an opportunity to keep growing that he could not let go". "To come here for me is to grow; at club level it's the biggest opportunity I've had, "he added.

To come here for me is to grow; at club level it's the biggest opportunity I've ever had "

For Iturraspe, "Espanyol is perfect" for being "a historic club, in a wonderful city" and with a wardrobe that "had very positive references; everything received about them was positive and point by point everything was fulfilled, it was perfect for what was needed ".

That it is the first time that it changes of airs did not provoke "fear" to him to the midfield player because he knew clearly that "it was the moment". "I come with my eyes wide open because before the novelty you have to be attentive and learn from all the new teammates, the tactics and the club because I want to soak up everything," he said. Iturraspe acknowledged that it is "a bad year" and that it will have to be made good, and the conditions are right to do it: "I feel perfect and mentally too, the change comes from luxury."

Marc Roca is very young and is a player of great quality; I want to work with everyone and help "

On Marc Roca, pivot and one of the pillars of the team David Gallego with whom the Basque will have to compete, said "he is very young, he has a very interesting progression and he is a player of great quality; I want to work with everyone and help. "

Both for Bernardo and Iturraspe, despite having little time at Espanyol, it gives them the feeling of being in a block and a family club, although they prefer to let time pass in order to be able to assess better.


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