Sports weekend: Javi Blanco debuts

Nando’s replacement at Rinconada makes his debut on the Rabesa bench against Estrella San Agustín, while San José will seek its

Sports weekend: Handball begins

The San José-Rinconada Club starts the competition in the Andalusian First Division against Martia in Marchena. In football, San José receives

4-1: Go to Quarters

Badminton Rinconada beat Che Lagoense and certifies the classification of the group stage, where the Polish Suwalski KB Litpol – Malow

Bicycle Day is back

La Rinconada will celebrate the XXXVII edition of this event for the whole family on a day in which Rinconada and

A parenthesis before the end

Transition week for clubs such as Badminton Rinconada, Handball San José, Tres Calles and Wifiguay La Vega, who do not have