Saras’ first big disappointment for Barça (81-74)

BarcelonaWithout an antidote to Edy Tavares, Barça lost to Real Madrid (81-74) and were left without options to revalidate the Endesa League title (1-3). After two years of chewing sand, the white team won the trophy against a Barça rival with more courage than energy and success. The pivot, who added 25 points, 13 rebounds […]

Nikola Mirotic asks for credit for a Barça without a safety net

BarcelonaBarça have been left without a safety net. The best team of the regular season needs to win two games against Real Madrid, its executioner in the Euroleague semifinals, to revalidate the Endesa League title. The Barça team faces the first match ball no doubt, as his game has plummeted in recent weeks. The plot […]

The league champion, against the ropes (81-66)

BarcelonaThe reigning champion of the Endesa League is against the ropes. Madrid beat unbeaten Barça (81-66) and already dominate the Endesa League final 1-2. The white team took advantage of their dominance in the rebound to get the victory at the WiZink Center and place themselves in a title win. The match was a continuation […]

“We are confident that measures will be taken to prevent bullying”

BarcelonaThe end of the Endesa League has risen in temperature. After the defeat in the second game, Real Madrid set up their usual machinery to question the refereeing action. Every white defeat is accompanied by a tug-of-war, an arbitration complaint. The club’s official website described the refereeing as “controversial” and considered Edy Tavares’ personal foul […]

Nikola Mirotic doesn’t want a Madrid title (71-69)

BarcelonaAfter the painful defeat on Monday, Barça reacted and tied the final against Real Madrid (71-69). The Barça team regained much of the energy and personality it had lost along the way, although the game was not easy and was not resolved until the last quarter. The match was of maximum wear. Nikola Mirotic scored […]

Cory Higgins: “We have to change everything”

BarcelonaAfter a very solid stretch of the season, doubts have taken hold of Barça. The Barça team won the Copa del Rey and secured the first position in both the Euroleague and the Endesa League, but at the key moment it is not competing with the same solvency. The Catalan team suffered more than they […]

Madrid erases Barça’s joy (75-88)

BarcelonaBarça opened the Endesa League final with a painful defeat against Real Madrid, which was far superior to the Palau Blaugrana (75-88). Without the necessary energy, the Barça team did not compete against a rival who dominated the scene. For a few moments the superiority was so great that they looked like men against children. […]

A classic without Pablo Laso to decide the champion

BarcelonaBarça and Real Madrid open an exciting Endesa League final this Monday (9pm, #Vamos). The fight for the title will be marked by the absence on the bench of Pablo Laso, who suffered a heart attack a few days ago. “He is recovering very well and that is the most important thing. He can lead […]

Girona’s world does not end in the first leg (0-0)

GIRONAGirona has come a long way in which coaches have fallen, footballers have left and the model has changed. A journey in which the heart has been broken, over and over again. Passes have been torn to pieces, under impulses of rage. Because disappointment causes you to question everything. Less one thing, of course: the […]