Pumas vs Pachuca LIVE ONLINE via Televisa and TDN: on date 4 of Liga MX

Pumas vs Pachuca LIVE ONLINE via Televisa and TDN: on date 4 of Liga MX

On Matchday 4 of the MX League Opening Tournament, the leader, Pumas, and the colecho, Pachuca, collided. The 'univesitarios' were favorites to be at home, in addition to that they had only tasted of triumphs in the previous dates, but that was not enough to capture the afternoon of today in the field of play. Puma of the UNAM has shown a colorful game, but the conditions of the field of play prevented him from practicing a colorful football. The goal situations in the first minutes were in favor of them, but then the 'Tuzos' knew how to recover, but again one of the main defects was visible. YOU CAN SEE: Miguel Trauco and his great reaction to avoid the goal of Cruzeiro al Flamengo in Brasileirao [VIDEO] Adding this encounter, there are 4 that Pachuca has played and only scored one goal. This deficiency is not only noted in the face of the goal, but also in the creation of danger. The game was more disputed in possession, with the teams taking care not to make a mistake that costs them a defeat. DO NOT MISS IT: Barcelona vs Sevilla: Chilean Arturo Vidal debuted with the 'Azulgranas' in the Spanish Super Cup [VIDEO] Already in the last minutes, the Pumas tried to find the winning goal, but it was impossible. In this way, the point achieved allows them to stay in the lead with 10 points, one above the Americas. On the other hand, Pachuca managed to add his first point in the Apertura MX. FINAL: Pumas 0-0 Pachuca 90 + 2 'Corner kick for Pumas. The center at the far post is not connected. 90 + 1 'The draw is like a break for Pachuca, he has not managed to win in the 3 previous dates. 90 'The referee adds 2 minutes. 89 'Sagal (Pumas) with an attempt in danger. But the defense clears. 88 'Teams do not want complications anymore. They take care of the ball. 87 'The intensity of play has decreased. 86 'Aguirre (Pachuca) is tipsong. It seemed criminal, but it will only be a free kick on the edge of the area. 85 'Intention of Pumas attack, but not overcome the opponent's defensive zone. 84 'Pachuca insists on goal. 83 Malcorra (Pumas) controls the frustration to the edge of the box and scores. The ball over the arch. 82 'Corner kick for Pumas. 81 'Pachuca is ruled offside. Free throw in three quarters of court. 80 'Corner kick for Pumas. Malcorra tried to connect, but he does not succeed. 79 'Erick Aguirre (Pachuca) goes for goal, but the gameplay is not in style. 78 'Franco Jara (Pachuca) goes up for a strike. It does not decide in the best way. 77 'CHANGE IN PACHUCA: Lopez by Figueroa. 76 'CHANGE IN PUMAS: Matías Alustiza enters for González. 75 'Service from the left. Shaggy (Pachuca) clears. 74 'Pumas controls the game now. Wait patiently until you find spaces to generate damage. 73 'Center that finds a receiver catcher, but the final header does not have correct direction. 72 'Free kick for Pumas, from the right. 71 'UFFF! González (Pumas) shoots over the goal. The play was dangerous, but it was not used. 70 'CHANGE IN PUMAS: Felipe Mora retires and enters Alán Acosta. 69 Malcorra (Pumas) send a cross from the left side There was no company and the goalkeeper keeps the ball. 68 'Jara (Pachuca) has beaten a rival inside the box and when he was going to take the ball off. 67 'YELLOW CARD: Malcorra (Pumas) sanctioned by a stomp on Shaggy. 66 'Pumas has generated no danger based on good play. 65 'CHANGE IN PACHUCA: E. Aguirre enters for Pérez. 64 'Center that ends in the other area of ​​the field. No danger. 63 'Foul by Shaggy (Pachuca) and a free kick for Pumas. 62 'Pachuca's new attempt, but the final shot is wide of the mark. 61 'Pumas crouched in his field. 60 'Shaggy (Pachuca) goes for a strike on the right. Send a center, but it is not connected. 59 'Pumas tries to cool the match, rotating the ball as much as possible. 58 'Pachuca has intentions of scoring, but does not find good weapons. 57 'Dangerous arrival by Figueroa (Pachuca), but could not direct a goal for his shot. 55 'TARJETA AMARILLA: Shaggy (Pachuca) is booked. 54 'Shaggy (Pachuca) makes a fooling save. Free kick for Pumas, close to the area, for the left zone. 53 'Gooooal de Franco Jara (Pachuca) enters the opponent's area. Blocked shot that ends in a corner kick. 51 'Pass for Figueroa (Pachuca) on the left. The ball is too long. 50 'Mora (Pumas) moves in from the right and wants to assist Mozo. The latter does not reach the ball. 49 'Pachuca high pressure, but there is no effectiveness to recover the ball. 48 'M. Rodríguez (Pumas) send a cross from the left, but can not find it. 47 'First arrival of Pachuca. Final shot deviated. 46 'The second half begins. REST: Cougars 0-0 Pachuca 45 'UFFF! Shot by Figueroa (Pachuca), who left two rivals on the road, but has no power. 43 'Pachuca needs to have tranquility in the last meters to achieve the opposite goal. 42 'The match is an offensive monologue by Pachuca. 41 'Juan Pérez (Pachuca) feeds into the area and sends a pass. He does not have a good address and the goalkeeper keeps the ball. 39 'Pumas starts to take control of the ball. 38 'CARD YELLOW: Kevin Escamilla (Pumas) is suspended. 37 'Cross by Juan Pérez (Pachuca). The ball does not have a receiver. 36 'Free kick for Pachuca in three quarters of court. 35 'Franco Jara (Pachuca) hits the ball from outside the box. The ball has no power and ends in possession of the goalkeeper without problems. 34 'The' Tuzos' with the ball, without having to worry. Pumas waits in his field. 33 'Pachuca controls the actions of the game at this moment. 32 'J. Pérez (Pachuca) advanced with direct danger to the area. It seemed that he was going to shoot, but he enabled Figueroa. The latter sends a center that ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper. 31 'Pumas offensive attacks have gone down now. 30 'Perez filtered a pass for Sagal, but the defense manages to cut at the last minute. 29 'Pachuca's free kick goes to the penalty area. Goalkeeper Saldívar clears with his fists. 27 'M. Rodríguez (Pumas) entered the area from the left side. His play diagonally is well contained. 26 'M. Rodríguez (Pumas) is dangerously close to tackles. Cleared the ball 25 'Jara (Pachuca) tries to get an attack started, but is stopped in the middle. 24 'Pachuca tries to create danger with passes between the lines. So far without positive results. 23 'Pachuca has stopped well on the field, without a shock. 22 'The rain stops the ball constantly. Cougars that play short is more affected. 21 'Goal Carlos González (Pumas) goes close to a counter attack. 19 Carlos González (Pumas UNAM) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 17 Francisco Figueroa (Pachuca) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 14 'Pumas is the team that has created the most danger. 13 'Mendoza (Pachuca) cuts Mora's intervention well. 12 'Foul in the middle of the field for Pumas. 10 'Figueroa (Pachuca) tries to get his team-mate on a diagonal pass flush with the floor. The local defense clears. 09 'Rodríguez (Pumas) filters a pass to Macorra. The defense will manage to cut its intention to reach the heads-up. 08 'The pitch is wet, both teams have problems controlling the ball. 07 'Pachuca rotates the ball from his play field. Without being able to impose his game in the first minutes. 06 'Pumas playing in the opposite field, without finding many spaces now. 05 'Shaggy (Pachuca) cuts off an offensive attack by the Pumas. 04 'The match is fought in the middle of the court. 03 'UFFF! Alan Mozo (Pumas) ends with right from outside the box. Well blocked. 02 'The initial pressure is from Pachuca. 01 'Start the game, both teams to get into the first places. – The Pachuca squad is already arriving at the stadium. From the University Olympiad, we welcome you to follow the meeting between @PumasMX Y @Tuzos.#I swear that I love you #Creating Opportunities # PorLaEducación pic.twitter.com/tYpkyEN8UO – Club Pachuca (@Tuzos) August 12, 2018 CONFINED ALIGNMENTS XI Pachuca: White; Shaggy, Murillo, Peña, García; Figueroa, Hernández, López, Pérez; Jara and Sagal. XI Tuzo
🏃🏻♂️ 🚧 ⛔️ 👔
Shaggy Murillo Peña García
🍜 💪🏻 🛠 💣
Figueroa Hernández López Pérez
🐴 ✈️
Jara Sagal – Club Pachuca (@Tuzos) August 12, 2018 XI Pumas: Saldívar; Mozo, Mendoza, Escamilla, Barrera, Mora, Malcorra, Rodríguez, Jáquez, Cota and González. These are the # 11Pumas They will proudly defend our shirt in the game against Pachuca.@Telcel bring for you the alignment of the game. #ForOurHistory #SoyDePumas pic.twitter.com/dLGV2fpc0d – PUMAS (@PumasMX) August 12, 2018 THE PREVIOUS The Olympic University Stadium will be the scene of the commitment between Pumas and Pachuca, which will measure forces on Sunday the 12th from 4:00 p.m. in the match corresponding to the fourth date of the Opening Match of Liga MX. The transmission will be in charge of Televisa and TDN, in addition you will be able to follow the minute by minute via Libero.pe. After a positive run of three victories in a row, David Patiño hopes to extend the positive streak of the National University Club, and take the 'feline' claw in the commitment against Pachuca, so he will line up the same eleven he used in the match against Atlas. YOU CAN SEE: The last! Marcelo Díaz left Pumas to make way for Mexican crack With you we will be stronger! ⚽️ @Tuzos
🏆 @LIGABancomerMX
📅 Sunday, August 12
⏰ 16:00 hrs.
🏟 University Olympic Stadium pic.twitter.com/w37lCfVrU6 – PUMAS (@PumasMX) August 10, 2018 "The challenge is to maintain the good pace, but the tournament is long, we have to go with humility, we have to go one game at a time," said Patiño, who led the loss to Necaxa in the MX Cup on Wednesday. DO NOT MISS: América beat Monterrey 3-0 for date 4 of Liga MX [RESUMEN Y GOLES] On the other side of the coin, Pachuca has a different reality with no points in his favor so far in the 'Aztec' tournament and with losses to America, Querétaro and Monterrey. So, Pako Ayestarán will make a restatement in his eleven to find his first win in the season. Here we present the 18 summoned for our match tomorrow.#I swear that I love you pic.twitter.com/aLpVqZdKyj – Club Pachuca (@Tuzos) August 12, 2018 "I am convinced that the team has much more than what has been given so far and I am convinced that the players will take it out," said the strategist of the 'tuzos', who recorded a victory in the last 5 Pumas matches and Pachuca, while two were for the 'felines' and the rest ended in a draw. Possible alignments of the Puma vs Pachuca: Pumas: Saldivar, Mozo, Arribas, Cota, Mendoza, Barrera, Escamilla, Malcorra, Rodríguez, Mora, González. DT. David Patiño. Pachuca: Blanco, Martinez, Barreiro, Murillo Murillo, Garcia, Gutierrez, Hernandez, Guzman, Aguirre, Jara, Palacios. DT. Pako Ayestarán. Times of Pumas vs Pachucas: Peru: 4:00 p.m. Colombia; 4:00 p.m. Argentina: 6:00 p.m. Chile: 6:00 p.m. Mexico: 4:00 p.m. Ecuador: 4:00 p.m. California (USA): 2:00 p.m. Spain: 11.00 p.m. Channels that will broadcast Pumas vs Pachuca: Costa Rica TDN El Salvador TDN Guatemala TDN Honduras TDN Internacional Fanatiz Mexico Televisa, TDN Nicaragua TDN Panama TDN United States Univision Sports

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