In a sensitized social context, aware of the transcendence of judgments and the power of words, football remains a focus of morally dubious behavior. This Thursday, the debate of the values ​​of elite sport was reopened with a new episode of sexist insults during the Third Division party between CP San Cristóbal and Llagostera.

Ainara Acevedo, Matilde Esteves and Ylenia Sánchez made history in becoming the first three-person arbitration formed by women who whistled a match in the Third Division. A part of the grandstand responded to the milestone insults during the showdown. "Going to scrub" was one of the screams that could be heard in the Ca n'Anglada terrassian municipal stadium.

The response from the Catalan club has been fast. Hours after the final whistle condemned the facts through a statement and emphasized that they will identify and punish the supporters involved: "We reject any type of sexist behavior, disrespectful and intolerant to the grades, which fortunately does not respond to the" The majority attitude of the fans of the CP San Cristóbal. In order to try to prevent these events from occurring again, the club will take the necessary measures: the identification and application of the sanctions corresponding to these fans "



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