Arsenal: Is it too early to talk about more Zech Medley? - FanSided

Arsenal: Is it too early to talk about more Zech Medley? - FanSided

The defense of Arsenal is certainly more of a predicament than before, but could it be solved by introducing more Zech Medley? The news of Rob Holding's injury has hit the Arsenal world hard. He will be out for 6-9 months after breaking his ACL and just as he established himself as a reliable defender of the Premier League, who can fulfill his task, either in the last three or in the back two. The problem, however, goes beyond the emotional point of view. Because what we have now is a drastic lack of real centerbacks. Only Mustafi and Sokratis are healthy. Now it has to be argued that an actual "crisis" is still a long way off, and I agree with that. We have Laurent Koscielny about to return, and Mavropanos is ready to return someday. Then there's the thing that Nacho Monreal and Lichtsteiner can hold the defense in place, if necessary. But this is the arsenal of Unai Emery, and if you have not noticed, he's certainly ready to give youth a chance. And with a young centerback that has been out for a long time, it may be time for another junior defender to step up. More from Pain at ArsenalRob Holding was another right foot who was forced to play the role of left centerback. Any centback the Gunners are facing at the time has a similar problem at some point, except perhaps Mustafi, who seems to be so far-footed that he does not even have to deal with his left foot. Then there's Zech Medley. The tall, athletic, comfortable left-footer who recently made his first team debut with the Gunners. The small sample size that we have seen on a professional level is hard to pin down, the other is enough to say that it did not look inappropriate, it did not look like liability and showed its strengths as well as it could. Considering how he is with his left foot, he's probably being asked to play back in a game back three, would this be a good time to demand more from Medley to present his case as relevant first-teammer? Next topic: Arsenal vs Manchester United Player ratings I think so. He only played for half an hour with the senior national team, but in moments of desperation you can sometimes surprise yourself with what you see. Again, this is not a crisis, but why not look a little deeper for a solution?

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