America has already had a new penalty collector - ESPN Deportes

America has already had a new penalty collector - ESPN Deportes

MEXICO – Coach Miguel Herrera already has an official penalty. He gave his confidence to the Argentine defendant, Emanuel Aguilera, to win the half-births against Pumas if necessary. "We talked about that already. If there is a penalty, I will start it," Aguilera said Saturday. "After the game the other day he told me (Miguel Herrera)," he said. If you want to get warnings of the Mexican Soccer, download the App now. »
We must remember that the Roger Martinez from Colombia never lost any time in the first leg, noting that Pumas is in the second half. Finally, the 1-1 result attracted the Olímpico Universitario Estadio. On Sunday, Aguilera said he was happy to respond to the confidence he received from the training team. The other player, Mateus Uribe, lost their hands from the 11th stage of the regular competition in the class against Chivas. Emanuel showed his signs, and the competition was at the end of this year in the 2018 Opening, scoring goals with the one and free throw (three in total). "It's crucial to the team. Unfortunately, some of us failed. I hope everyone will come in," which emphasized the Defender.

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