Yongin Special City Invests 950 Million Won in Public Sports Facilities for Citizens’ Enjoyment

A budget of 950 million won was invested to create gateball, badminton, and futsal fields.

Mayor Lee Sang-il, “We will strive to ensure that all citizens can enjoy enjoyable leisure activities.”

Yongin Special Mayor Lee Sang-il visited the public sports facility in Yeokbuk-dong, Cheoin-gu on the 17th and shared opinions with ‘pickleball’ members. ⓒProvided by Yongin City

Yongin Special City announced on the 18th that it has created a public sports facility that any citizen can use at 551-35 Yeokbuk-dong, Cheoin-gu.

The public sports facility built on the lower site of ‘Samga~Daechon Hagae Bridge’ is scheduled to be officially opened to the public on June 1.

Mayor Lee Sang-il visited the public sports facility in Yeokbuk-dong on the 17th and inspected the site with city officials, listened to the voices of gateball and pickleball club members using the facility, and ordered supplementation on issues requiring improvement.

Mayor Lee said, “We will pay attention to ensuring that all citizens can enjoy enjoyable leisure time in public sports facilities created in a pleasant environment, manage the facilities well, and actively collect opinions for development.”

He continued, “We are planning sports leisure facilities in the waterfront area of ​​the new semiconductor city to be built in Idong-eup, Cheoin-gu, and the park golf course in Suji Arpia is also in progress for remodeling for users,” adding, “We will continue to expand culture, art, and sports facilities for citizens.” “I will try my best to do it,” he said.

The Yeokbuk-dong public sports facility, built by the city with an investment of 950 million won, is equipped with a three-sided stadium, including a multi-purpose stadium for futsal and foot volleyball, a gateball field, and a badminton and pickleball field, two lounges, and one restroom.

The facility was under construction from September 2023 to April 22, 2024, and facility supplementation and handover were completed on the 17th. The Cheoin-gu Office will be responsible for operating the facility.

The public sports facility, which will be officially operated from June 1, will have a trial operation period for one month, and applications for use will be accepted through the ‘Yongin Special City Public Sports Facility Integrated Reservation System’ starting in July.

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2024-05-18 12:27:08
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