CB Zamora Enamora Aims for Promotion to LEB Gold in Epic Showdown

He CB Zamora Enamora has had a dream season, but still has one last challenge to achieve: promotion to LEB Gold. A leap in category that he aspires to make this afternoon, in his last opportunity of the course to achieve such an achievement, against the Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket in a Angel Nieto that will be packed to the brim to cheer on the group of Saulo Hernandez.

Undisputed leader and champion of the Western Conference, champion of the LEB Plata Cup, best away team in the category with a record of away wins… the arguments to believe in celebrating a promotion this afternoon at the Ángel Nieto are many. For this reason, the city will repeat, if not improve, the entrance of the final of champions against Odilo FC Cartagenabecause that defeat was nothing more than a bump in the road whose desired end seems closer than ever.

Buckingham shoots a basket in the last game played at Ángel Nieto by CB Zamora Enamora. / José Luis Fernández

“I don’t think we’re going to lose this Saturday,” said Saulo Hernández days before the game and that phrase is not at all common in the technician. But of course, neither is it a reality for a team to reach the decisive match for promotion, the last train to glory, with a balance of 29-3 in its favor after 32 matches against teams of the caliber of Teknei Zornotza, CB Starlabs Morón, Odilo FC Cartagena or his rival this afternoon, Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket, with whom he has faced three times and whom he has surpassed in all of them to date this campaign. The reasons to feel that The moment that clubs enjoyed in the past has arrived for CB Zamora Enamora As the CD ZamaratFS Zamora or Handball Zamora they are not missing.

However, and although the coach of the azulón team himself admitted that it would be “fair” to be able to enter LEB Oro given the merits made by his team, Saulo Hernández knows that “sport does not understand justice” and that this afternoon he faces a real toss-up. To a decisive clash in which, unlike what happened in the second leg of the final between LEB Plata conference champions, they arrive with hardly any advantage. There are only two margin points to play withand that makes the two contenders play it, practically, all or nothing this afternoon.

The contest is a final and therefore, CB Zamora Enamora aspires to correct the errors that prevented it from dominating its rival in the first leg. A challenge that ended with 87-89 on the scoreboard but that, for most of its 40 minutes, was dominated in the score by Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket with the Zamorans responding. A script based on the scoring superiority of the La Mancha team in their fiefdom, whereSaulo Hernández’s men held on to the game by competing and controlling a key aspect such as rebounding.

What are the keys to the match for promotion to LEB Oro?

To avoid being in tow, The Western champion’s options involve recovering his best defensive version. This is what Jacob Round pointed out indicating that “it is the DNA of the team” to give high performance under its own hoop and that the chances of victory will involve raising the level in this facet compared to the first leg. Not in vain, reducing the visiting scoring capacity would make the Albaceteños have to depart from the game plan that they like the most. And it is that, The fight for promotion is also a war of styles in which CB Zamora Enamora must appeal to his best weapons to provide the duel with that high rhythm that can favor him.

Saulo Hernández gives instructions to his players. | Miguel Ángel Lorenzo / Carlos Toyos

To try to take command of the attack, defend like never before and maintain an effective offensive, Saulo Hernández has all his men for the occasion. And it will be necessary for them to contribute the best of themselves, individually and collectively, because as could be seen in the first leg, Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket is a team designed to fight for what is at stake today, the promotion. A block with the incombustible Alo Marín, the corpulent Fall, the talented Stevanic or De Blasvery successful in Albacete from the line of three.

The contest will not be easy, but CB Zamora Enamora hopes to successfully overcome the duel and celebrate its entry into LEB Oro with the final horn. A historic promotion that hundreds of fans hope to enjoy today, on the right day to take a leap to remember in national basketball.

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