Xavi believes that “my work at Barça has not been valued”

He leaves accordingly Xavi Hernandez of his work in Barça, but sooner than he expected, after having been ratified a month ago, and hurt by the forms received, although he does not want to verbalize it, he only accepts it with resignation. Satisfied with his work, but misunderstood. “My work at Barça has not been valued in the situation of adversity in which we live,” lament.

Xavi leaves the “roller coaster” through which he has slipped sitting on the Barça bench since November 2021, happy with the two titles and “the legacy of the young people”, although he looked back and observed the difficulties that have convulsed the entity in the two and a half years.

“I have not been able to work with peace of mind,” he stressed, alluding to Barça’s economic situation, which has prevented it from obtaining the reinforcements it wanted, in the past and in the future, “especially from fair play.” But also because of the charged atmosphere in and around the club.

“I have been looked at with a magnifying glass and expectations have been generated for having been a member of the best period of the club, that has turned against me”

Xavi Hernandez

— Barça coach

“Everything I have done caused an earthquake, “It has been pointed out to me many times”, he complained without giving names or accusing any particular establishment. “I have been looked at with a magnifying glass and expectations have been generated for having been a member of the best period of the club, that has turned against me,” he analyzed, without thinking that, perhaps, that circumstance influenced Joan Laporta called him when he was taking his first steps as a coach in Qatar, leading Al Sadd.

Barçá will have been his second team for 143 games, of which they have won 90, drawn 24 and lost 29, with two competitions won (the Spanish Super Cup and the 2023 League, in chronological order) out of 12 played.

Fermín hugs Xavi after scoring 1-2 against Sevilla at the Sánchez Pizjuán. / Reuters

A good job”

“We have done a good job. We wanted to continue. We were excited, and we saw that this had a long way to go, but in the end they are decisions that you do not control and you must respect them. It has been a real shame,” he said, convinced that the fans, the what have you felt “tremendous esteem”, will value your work. “And over time it will be valued more,” she noted. However, he acknowledged that he and his technical staff had made mistakes due to inexperience.

“We have failed in many things and we have been self-critical,” he admitted, alluding to the group he led. “We have many defects, we are not perfect nor do we pretend to be,” she said, boasting, however, of the respect and correctness with which he has always behaved. Despite numerous sanctions for his behavior in the band.

Xavi’s balance sheet: 143 games, of which he has won 90, drawn 24 and lost 29, and two competitions won (2023 Spanish League and Super Cup out of 12 played).

The treasure that is Fermin

One of the last satisfactions, in addition to Seville’s victory, was the hug of gratitude that Fermín López gave him after scoring 1-2. It was the first discovery “of a player who was not on the map, who was called up for the United States tour from a loan to Linares.

“I would take Fermín to a war,” he commented, as an example of the appreciation he feels towards the Andalusian footballer: “It is a treasure”. “We liked him in training, we saw things about him, how he had self-confidence, shooting, arrival… He has a lot of level, and if he believes it he will be at Barcelona for many years.” Xavi presented Fermin as an example of the good relationship he has maintained with the locker room, which he has always defined as a family.

The father and uncles of that family are leaving. Very regretfully. Hiding the reasons that Joan Laporta outlined in the arguments for the dismissal. He once again called on the president to present them. Hans-Dieter Flick will arrive, for now a stepfather. He told his successor that he would “suffer.” “The only thing that will save the new coach will be winning.” Xavi didn’t win enough.

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