World Cup in ice hockey. Gudas, Dostál and maybe Pastrňák

World Cup in ice hockey.  Gudas, Dostál and maybe Pastrňák

So far, they have scored two victories, defeating Finland and Norway, and losing to Switzerland on Monday.

The performances of the Czech national team and the atmosphere of the tournament are actually unexpectedly great so far. The Czech Republic is slowly catching on to the hockey frenzy that we last experienced in 2015. Even the sometimes annoyed wives of hockey enthusiasts are no longer upset that they are in for another dead night, but sit next to their husbands and cheer for the Czech native. When the Czechs played Finland on the opening day, according to data from mobile operators, a third of the people in the hall were women.

So who are – through women’s eyes – the dudes who sweat blood on the ice. These guys definitely deserve your interest and not just because of their athletic performance.

Lukáš Dostál – a smart boy

This twenty-three-year-old guards the Czech hockey goal and he does it very well. For example, we owe the victory over the Finns to him, because he caught all the opponent’s pucks in the match and during the final attacks.

The fact that he’s doing damn well at hockey probably doesn’t surprise anyone. How else would this boy from Brno get to the NHL, where he plays for the Anaheim Ducks. But recently, other than hockey accolades have been heaped on him. “He’s such a sweet and smart boy,” gushes women of all ages. And yes, Lukáš Dostál has a pleasant speech, he can formulate his thoughts even on camera, he definitely dispels all the myths that sometimes circulate about “hockey girls”.

Radko Gudas is a daredevil

If there is a member of the national team that even those who completely miss hockey have heard of, it is certainly Radko Gudas. The 33-year-old defenseman, who also plays in the NHL for the Anaheim Ducks, is absolutely unmissable on the ice.

He’s a tough guy who goes into fights decidedly sharp, and yes, often too sharp. When it comes down to it on the ice, believe that Gudas will most likely be one of those heading to the penalty box. It’s a bit of an unguided missile, it seems impulsive, and even if it’s sometimes a bit detrimental to the gameplay, it’s definitely sexy. If you were ambushed in a dark alley with Gudas by your side, you wouldn’t doubt for a second who would emerge victorious from this event. But don’t dream too much ladies, Gudas is married and has four children with his wife.

Dominik Kubalík – a cutie

This 28-year-old from Pilsen has also worked his way into the NHL, he is a forward in the Ottawa Senators team. And he is also very handsome, the prototype of the “handsome”, the boy that all the girls at school are looking at.

But he is also engaged, and in addition, no matter how this world championship turns out, Kubalík will forever have it in the drawer of the happiest moments of his life. On the very first day of the championship, he went to Pilsen in the morning, where his wife was just giving birth. And as soon as he buried his newly born daughter for the first time, he hurried back to Prague to see his son-in-law, where they defeated the Finns together in the evening. Kubalík has probably never experienced a nicer day in his life, and a loss probably wouldn’t have changed that, but it was even better with her.

Roman Červenka – matador and nice guy

This 38-year-old striker, who is active in the Swiss league and plays for the SC Rapperswill-Jona Lakers club, is definitely not a “hockey ear”. He is the captain of the Czech national team, he is the oldest in the team, he is also extremely experienced (he played his 200th match for the national team on Saturday against Norway) and he scores a lot of goals. And to top it all off, he’s a great guy, even though he’s married.

Jakub Flek – small but fast

Compared to his teammates, the 31-year-old striker, who plays for HC Kometa Brno, is a bit of a jerk. But exactly what Yvetta Blanarovičová says in the role of the devil in the fairy tale Princess from the Mill applies to him: Small, but clever!

Although Flek is only about 173, which is quite a bit smaller than other hockey players, he catches up with everything with his speed and agility, moreover, he seems to never run out of energy, he is like the unstoppable bunny from the iconic flashlight commercial.

Waiting for Pastrňák – a fashion lover

He has not yet joined the Czech native, he will decide tonight whether the thirty-one-year-old David Pastrňák will strengthen the Czech Republic. And paradoxically, there is probably not a single Czech who would like Pastrňák and the Boston Bruins, whose jersey he wears in the NHL, to do well. If the Boston Bruins lose to the local Panthers in Florida, this current best Czech hockey player will be able to come to Prague and demonstrate what he can do on the ice.

But we’re looking forward to Pastrňák for another reason, he’s a big fashion lover, and when he’s not wearing a jersey, it’s definitely worth it. He is probably the greatest connoisseur of men’s fashion among hockey players and is also famous for some slightly extravagant creations. And we women can appreciate that!

Photo: Pavel Mazáč / CNC / Profimedia
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