Villorba Dominates in Serie A Elite Femminile Playoff Round

The results of the last round of the Serie A Elite Femminile give a great performance to Villorba, who win with a resounding 61-5 over CUS Milano within friendly walls and present themselves at their best in the Scudetto final in Casale on 25 May, where they will face Valsugana, which maintained its unbeaten record in the championship in the Colorno match, winning with a result of 19-20 in Emilia.

The Playoff group therefore ends with the Valsugirls in first position, the Ricce in second, the Furie Rosse in third and the Erinni in fourth.
Only one match was played in the Playout group today because the head-to-head between Capitolina and Calvisano had already been played last night (and had seen the Roman team win with a result of 22-19). The Piedmontese team was the one smiling in the match between Benetton Treviso and Cus Torino, winning 17-31.

Colorno, Sunday 19 May 2024:
Serie A Elite Women, 6th day, Second Phase

Furie Rosse Colorno vs Valsugana 19-20 (15-12)
Markers: 8′ Stevanin (0-5); 12′ m. Antonazzo (5-5); 22′ m. Veronese (5-10); 30′ m. Ostuni (5-15); 34′ Corradini tr. Buso (12-15). st 6′ m. Antonazzo tr. Buso (19-15); 39′ m. Older people (19-20).

Furie Rosse Rugby Colorno: Catellani; Corradini, Buso, Mannini; Serio (15’s.t. Bonaldo); Capurro, Bertelé (CAP)(15′ st Rosini); Antonazzo, Locatelli; Jelic (26’st. Merusi), Carnevali (15’st. Prosperococco); Andreoli (Boledi); Pilani (20’s.t. Dosi), Cheli (26’s.t. Tedeschi), Cuoghi (26’s.t. Casolin).
All.: Bitter
Valsugana Rugby Padua: Zampieri; Vitadello (17’st Rasi), Folli, Stevanin, Ostuni; Bitonci (11′ st Aggio), Stefan; Giordano, Tonellotto (17’s.t Da Lio Rita), Veronese; Della Sala (17’st. Margotti), Duca, Fortuna (11’st. Gai); Cerato (11′ st,Vecchini) Jeni (14′ st. Benini). Available:; Zeni.
All.: Bezzati
Referee: Torra, Alice
Tags: 40’pt yellow Fortuna (Val); 24′ st yellow Vecchini (Val)
Female footballers: Mannini 0/1 (Col); Buso 2/2 (Col); Stevanin 0/3 (Val); Bitonci 0/1 (Val)
Note: Sunny afternoon, synthetic field, around 250 spectators
Player of the Match: Alice Antonazzo (Col)

Elite Women’s Serie A – II Phase – VI Matchday
Playoff group
May 19, 2024, 3.30 pm, Colorno, Campo Paolo Pavesi
Furie Rosse Rugby Colorno v Valsugana Rugby Padova 19-20 (1-5)
19 May 2024, 3.30 pm, Villorba, Campo Comunale (live on DAZN)
Arredissima Villorba Rugby v CUS Milano Rugby 61-5 (5-0)
Classification: Valsugana Rugby Padova 29; Arredissima Villorba Rugby 18; Furie Rosse Rugby Colorno 1; CUS Milan Rugby 5

Playout group
18 May 2024, 7.00 pm, Rome, Campo dell’Unione
Unione Rugby Capitolina v Rugby Calvisano 22-19 (5-1)
19 May 2024, 4.30 pm, Treviso, Campo Federale San Paolo
Benetton Rugby Treviso v Iveco Cus Torino 17-31 (0-5)
Classification: Capitoline Rugby Union 22*; Iveco Cus Torino 21*; Benetton Rugby Treviso 11; Rugby Calvisano 1
*one game less

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