Two Comedians Absent from “Le Grand Dimanche Soir” in Controversy

Charline Vanhoenacker must do without two of her comedians in “Le Grand Dimanche Soir”.

Support for Guillaume Meurice is still strong within France Inter. Charline Vanhoenacker must do without her comedian, fired and summoned by the group following the controversy surrounding the joke about Benyamin Netanyahu.

Last week, comedian Aymeric Lompret announced his support by not coming to participate in the meeting, explaining with humor that he “ stayed at the bar ».

This week he is absent again, preferring to play badminton instead. In a post on X, he shared a photo of himself, racket in hand, with the simple caption: “ Not Guillaume = Not Aymeric ».

Guillaume Meurice is still “ forbidden » on air, the disciplinary procedure continues. “ Every week we lose a columnist, this show has become Koh Lanta. The adventurers of Radio France have decided to eliminate you. So we hope that this sentence is not irrevocable », Charline Vanhoenacker joked last week.

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2024-05-26 19:43:41
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