The patriotic tattoos of a ‘First Dates’ bachelor

The patriotic tattoos of a ‘First Dates’ bachelor

Antonio He is from Malaga and feels that being one means being a good person, being hospitable… He has played soccer and is from Real Madrid and Málaga, and belongs to a paranormal recruitment group. Carlos Sobera wanted to know if those things didn’t scare him and Antonio told him not at all, and showed him the skull that he had tattooed on his chest. But it is not his only tattoo, the bachelor also has the flag of Spain tattooed in color, the Spanish Iberian lynx and his mother in the other arm.

Yolihis date, has presented himself as a woman “with more balls than the top of a pine tree”, but that collapses with the ugly gesture of someone who cares “it sinks me into shit.” Seeing that Antonio was bald made him laugh because his ex was also bald. He noticed that he had a Malaga accent and told him that he was working as a driver.

Yoli and Antonio during their date on ‘First Dates’

Yoli and Antonio agree on political ideology: “I am a member of VOX”

The singles liked each other and their nerves went away with the first course. Yoli told him that she was a soccer fan and a fan of Madrid, another of the tattoos that Antonio sports on her leg. They both wore a little green detail and They have agreed that they are from VOXbut Antonio has made it clear to her that he was not sexist or retrograde, that he was a guy with principles, something that she liked a lot because she likes a man who takes her chair away from her.

Yoli understands Antonio’s taste for the paranormal: “The psychics tell me that I have a third eye”

Antonio told her that he had a paranormal research group and Yoli confessed that she felt things “the clairvoyants tell me that I have a third eye”, but that she did not know how to manage it and that they were things that happened almost immediately. The single woman wanted to know what Antonio was looking for in a relationship and he was very clear.a woman who makes me laugh”. The bachelor really likes humor, he imitates famous people like the king emeritus, Fernando Simón and Mr. Barragán. Yoli is very embarrassing and she doesn’t dare to do those things, but she is very naughty and fun.

Yoli and Antonio during their date on ‘First Dates’

Yoli promised her father that she was going to stop smoking, but… “I didn’t tell him when”

Yoli told him that she was a smoker and Antonio pressed the alarm siren “that can be a big problem”. She wanted to know if she was planning to quit and she told him that she had gone 14 years without smoking, the same amount of years that a single person has gone without lighting up a cigarette. Antonio had a partner who suffered from lung cancer, they had to remove a part of her and he stopped smoking for her. Yoli has told him that she promised her father that she was going to leave him, but “I didn’t tell him when”.

Before reaching the final decision, the two confessed that they had been very good together, but Antonio could not ignore the issue of tobacco. He has explained to her that he had a very bad time with his previous relationship and that he did not want to repeat the experience. Yoli thought it was respectable, but he made it clear to her that she If he stopped smoking it was because of the promise he made to his father or by his own decision.not to be with anyone.


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