The NBA Coaching Carousel: Why Coaches Are Replaced Quickly in the League

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Since the end of the season, six coaches have been fired in the NBA, which represents a fifth of the league’s coaches. Three franchises still have a vacancy as of today, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, who recently parted ways with JB Bickerstaff. Why are coaches replaced so quickly in the North American championship?

Whether they are the Cavalierseliminated in the second round of the playoffs by the Celticswhere the Wizards, penultimate in the standings, many teams have decided to change coaches since the end of the season. This situation highlights a reality: in the event of failure in the NBA, the coach is often the ideal culprit.

Update on the waltz of coaches in the NBA

As soon as the regular season ended, several franchises began to make changes to their benches. THE Charlotte Hornets quickly replaced Steve Clifford par Charles Leeassistant to Boston Celtics. THE Brooklyn Nets replaced their temporary worker Kevin Ollie par Jordi Fernandez, assistant with the Sacramento Kings and coach of Team Canada. As for the teams that participated in the playoffs, the Phoenix Suns were the most reactive, replacing Frank Vogel par Mike Budenholzer with the hope of winning a title with Kevin Durant, Devin Booker et Bradley Beal in the near future.

Three teams are still looking for their new coach: the Cavalierswho decided to separate from JB Bickerstaff Thursday, as well as Los Angeles Lakers and the Washington Wizards. As candidates begin to emerge for these franchises, other positions could still become available. Tyronn Luethe coach of Clippers, arrives in particular at the end of the contract. All of these changes are significantly affecting the NBA landscape.

Easily interchangeable trainers

It would be almost unthinkable for so many teams to get rid of their star in the same summer. However, with coaches, this kind of waltz has become common. Indeed, coaches are the perfect scapegoats in the NBA. Very strict rules govern player contracts. For example, if a team decides to part ways with a player, their salary continues to count against their salary cap. These rules make player transactions much more rigid than coach transactions, which are more easily interchangeable.

THE Milwaukee Bucks of Giannis Antetokounmpo have, for example, had three different coaches in less than a year (Mike Budenholzer, Adrian Griffin et Doc Rivers) without being penalized by NBA rules. Changing coaches is therefore easier than changing players. Convincing a coach to sign is also easier, given the limited number of positions in the league. So when a team is losing, the easiest change to make to remedy the problem is to make changes to the bench.

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