Success and Growth: Cusset Badminton Club Excels in Regional 3

Cusset. The badminton club in regional 3. A successful season in all respects for the badminton club. In interclubs, team one, after a faultless season in the regular championship, is promoted to regional level 3 for next season. It’s a great reward for the local club which is growing in strength from year to year.

In addition, a young player from the club, Manon Rieuf, associated with players from clubs in Allier, participated in the French UNSS championship. She was crowned 2024 French champion and the Valéry-Larbaud high school women’s badminton team is the French UNSS professional high school champion.

Finally, Tuesday May 14 and Wednesday May 15, Célia Deslandes, Avalonne Dufour and Manon Rieuf achieved the feat of winning the final 60-51, in Pont-du-Château.

2024-05-25 04:00:00
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