The Impact of Manga and Anime on High School Club Activities: A Closer Look at the Rise of Men’s Volleyball and Cycling Clubs

In the previous article, I wrote about the influence of content such as manga and anime on club activities and the great progress of the dance club, and received many responses from those involved.

“As someone who is involved in the field, I realize that the number of high school students playing rugby is decreasing.”
“Isn’t the decline in the number of registered men’s basketball players partly due to the influence of clubs?”
“It’s a dance after all.”

I looked into it further and was surprised.

The number of member schools for the men’s volleyball club increased slightly from 2,750 schools to 2,756 schools, but the number of registered members has increased significantly from 35,597 in 2013 to 50,853. ! A whopping 42.9%! I can’t believe something like this is happening in the Reiwa era, a society with a declining birthrate.

When we look at the average number of club members, it has increased from 12.9 to 18.5.

As I pointed out in the previous manuscript, “Haikyu!!” was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2012 to 2020. ” had a greater effect than originally thought.

In fact, the number of “cycling clubs” was increasing.

I also discovered another extracurricular activity that has a remarkable content effect.

It’s a bicycle race.

In 2013, the number of member schools for boys increased from 228 to 244 schools nationwide, and the number of members increased from 1,464 to 1,568.

Although the population is small, an increase in the number of participants in minor sports has great significance. Isn’t this increase due to the influence of “Yowamushi Pedal”?

Sakamichi Onoda is an otaku boy who used to go to Akihabara. The story of this work begins when he joins the cycling club after entering high school, and since the event is held at an inter-high school, it must have had a great influence on high school students who wanted to join the club.

It began serialization in “Weekly Shonen Champion” in 2008, and has now moved to “Bessatsu Shonen Champion” where the series continues, and the comic has reached 89 volumes. It has been expanded into various media such as stage plays, TV animation, and live-action movies, and continues to have an impact today.

What was particularly interesting was that the number of schools in Chiba Prefecture, where Yowamushi Pedal takes place, has increased from five to nine, and the number of schools in Tokyo has increased from 14 to 22. It can be inferred that the region in which the manga is set also has an impact on the number of competitors.

High school soccer team vs. high school baseball team “Which one is more popular?”

The influence of content cannot be underestimated, but how much influence does the actual competition have?

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