The Cup brings down the curtain on a magical course

Girona had been partying for a few hours, but the night promised to be long. After the street and the parliaments in Plaça del Vi, the celebration continued at the Cup. Thousands and thousands of fans, both those who chose to wait directly at the final destination and those who accompanied the team to the Town Hall and Montilivi, gathered to receive Míchel’s team on a majestic stage of the great season they have had. There were as many people or more than the big days of Barraques, exceeding 15,000 in length. In total, it is estimated that the party was attended by some 30,000 between the street and the concerts at the Cup.

they played the catarres, when the coach arrived with the players, coaching staff, managers and club workers. Suddenly, all eyes stopped paying attention to the music group to cheer on the people of Girona. The Girona anthem was playing in the background. Before, however, it was the turn for the last songs of the Catalan group com Until the dawn comes, Tokyo, Jenifer o I want to be with you. The daughter of Èric Vergés, by the way, is from Girona because the future, as Quique Cárcel would later point out, is white-and-red.

The first to go on stage was the Left over, Girona’s mascot; while the players… They were made to wait a bit. Because they were the stars, of course. It was Mon Dj, when Montilivi’s speaker Albert Bassas came out to bring them up one by one. By bib number, from highest to lowest: Ricard Artero, Joel Roca, Jastin, Fuidias, Èric Garcia, Portu, Iván Martín, Jhon Solís, Yangel Herrera, Yan Couto, Toni Villa, Pablo Torre, Blind, Savinho, Aleix Garcia, Gazzaniga, Valery, Dovbyk, David López, Arnau and Miguel. The captains were the last to leave: Borja García, Juan Carlos, Juanpe and Stuani. There was even one that didn’t make it to the end of the party. Tsygankov had a good excuse for not being at the Cup yesterday at the party organized by Estrella Damm: going to sleep his son, a baby of just over a year. The Ukrainian winger also received a standing ovation from the fans. All of them have made it possible with the help of, who else, Míchel.

“Next year in the Champions League, all the teams that come to Girona will fly. What this club has done is very difficult, but it will continue to make history”, commented the coach.

Stuani also addressed a few words. “For me to be able to see what is happening is incredible, I feel so happy, it is a huge pride for us. We hope you continue to enjoy this great team and the growth of the club. We have made history again”, assured the Uruguayan. Borja García, moved, asked to “remember all the people who were at the club when there was no such ambitious project, they gave their lives so that today we are in the Champions League”. Cárcel corroborated this, observing that “every year there are more children from Girona”. All of them dream of showing Girona pride all over Europe. Girona is Champions territory.

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