The ‘Beater’ Arrested: Pakistani Gang Member Apprehended in Carpi

Carpi, 22 May 2024 – He was ‘the beater’, the most violent member of that group of men with Kalashnikovs clutched in their hands, alternating with baseball bats and spiked clubs dedicated to bloody beatings in the middle of the street and many other serious crimes. On April 30 he managed to escape capture but on Monday he was identified in Carpi and arrested. We are talking about one of the members, a young Pakistani member of the AK-47 Carpi association, dedicated to extortion, personal injury, threats, self-laundering, illicit intermediation and labor exploitation (known as gangmastering). The leaders of the group, primarily a 30-year-old Pakistani, leveraging their position of power in the workplace, bossed around the other workers, all couriers, demanding that they pay part of their salaries to the association and that they bow to what they believed to be their rules. If anyone dared to reply, he was beaten bloody. Each ‘punitive action’ was then posted on social networks, in order to show power and dominance. The suspect was identified after an incessant search by Digos agents and arrested on a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the investigating judge.

The man was in fact the ‘beater’ of the group: he was involved by the association when it had to organize beatings and punitive expeditions and was investigated, in conjunction, for threats aggravated by the use of the weapon and for having taken part in the violent brawl that took place in Carpi, on the night of April 23, 2022, triggered by a rift within the association. On that occasion two factions, involving around 30 people, clashed using weapons and objects designed to offend, such as knives and clubs, causing serious concern and serious social alarm. The investigation, conducted by Digos, directed by the deputy commissioner Valeria Cesarale, with the collaboration of the Carpi police station, directed by the deputy commissioner Paola Convertino and coordinated by the prosecutors Amara and Bombana, started in 2021 thanks to the complaint of a courageous Pakistani worker, victim of a beating by other suspects.

Most of the episodes occurred in Carpi, within a shipping company on behalf of a logistics services company, where most of the subjects, generally couriers, worked. According to what was highlighted by the agents, the head of the association was a 30-year-old Pakistani man, who made use of the collaboration of two company union representatives at two important shipping companies. The members of the criminal association were in fact members of the Cobas Intercategorical Syndicate “SI Cobas”. Searches are now underway to find the last three suspects, who have remained untraceable.

Valentina Reggiani

2024-05-22 04:24:28
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