Exciting Regional Judo Tournaments Set to Take Place in La Maddalena

Two days of great regional Judo coming soon to La Maddalena. The XX Judo City of La Maddalena Trophy will take place on June 1st and the XIV Garibaldino Judo Tournament the following day.

The first reserved for agonists, the second for agonists and pre-agonists.

«This year, between agonists and pre-agonists we will have to reach 450 registrations», says Antonio Isoni, 4 dan, organizer with the ASD Judo Club La Maddalena of the tournaments to which the II Memorial Carmelo Rosiglione is added.

«Last year 180 competitive athletes participated while 280 pre-competitors were registered in the Garibaldi Tournament. Over a thousand people, including technicians, managers and parents, arrived in La Maddalena over the two days.”

This year, the Maddalena team is made up of 12 athletes and around twenty children. The event, which takes place at the Sports Hall in via La Marmora, has the patronage of the Fijlkam Regional Judo Sector Committee and the Municipality of La Maddalena.

In addition to the important numbers, Antonio Isoni underlines how the technical level of the participants improves year after year and hopes, beyond this, which is relevant and gives him satisfaction, “that non-competitive children will all have fun”. And each of them will be awarded a participation medal.

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2024-05-22 07:30:42
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