Teofilo Patini Institute Excels Again: Winning First Prize at Marco Dall’Aquila Competition for Second Consecutive Year

New success for the “Teofilo Patini” comprehensive institute in L’Aquila.

The Patini comprehensive institute repeats its triumph in 2023. Contrary to the famous anecdote, also known outside the musical environment, so “Paganini does not repeat”, the passion for music was repeated and led to conquering, for the second consecutive year, the first prize overall at the Marco Dall’Aquila Competition. Once again a success, with a score of 99/100 and scholarships for the two young talents Lorenzo Ciavatta and Silvia Santarelli (3^B), who performed the Concerto in G minor RV 531 for two cellos and orchestra by Antonio Vivaldi.
The sincere compliments of the school director, the teacher, go to the two musicians Gabriella Liberatore and of the master, the professor Pierpaolo Di Giandomenico.

2024-05-24 11:37:20
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