Tai Chi on Samil Beach: A Day of Relaxation and Connection with +Atlantic Sport

Tai chi for everyone and in an excellent context such as Samil beach. The program +Atlantic Sport arrives on Saturday at Samil beach with the organization of a day of this modality and which is organized jointly with the Shalom center. Its manager, José González, describes the benefits of tai chi, which is based on “the movements of the whole body combined with breathing,” he describes.

In this way, the technique has various physical benefits and psychological because it is about “recomposing all the parts of the body that, with day-to-day activity, become separated. It allows you to put everything in order, harmonize and reconnect with yourself, uniting the puzzle that forms the entire body.” Furthermore, José González adds that the modality facilitates “physical, mental and emotional relaxation.”

Due to its advantages, tai chi sessions, In addition to yoga, they are part of the Shalom center’s regular programming and, on this occasion, a free class is being held, with open access and for all audiences in Samil because it is “an unbeatable place to feel the clean and fresh air.” from the sea,” explains the person in charge. In addition, a morning time was chosen to facilitate the participation of families because “the session is for all audiences. Adults with children can go to start on Saturday there in Samil, and there will also be good weather,” describes José González.

Those interested in signing up for the activity can be done through from masdeporte.atlantico.net. It is free and you are required to wear comfortable clothing and a mat is recommended. A t-shirt will be given to all participants.

2024-05-23 04:37:18
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