Suzuki, the second most reliable brand in the OCU reliability survey |

Suzuki, the second most reliable brand in the OCU reliability survey |

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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has carried out its annual survey of reliability and satisfaction with cars. Suzuki occupies second position in the reliability ranking prepared by the OCU, adding a total of 93 points. The Japanese automobile industry once again stands out in this regard, with four Japanese brands in the top four positions on the list, and seven in the top ten.

Gasoline hybrids – technology that Suzuki uses in its entire range of passenger cars – are the most reliable group of cars, with 17 models that equal or exceed 95 in reliability and the Suzuki Ignis in second absolute position. Of the ten most reliable vehicles, six are gasoline hybrids. Suzuki has also highlighted the reliability of its cars in the used market, with the Suzuki S-Cross being the most reliable second-hand gasoline car.

For 39% of those surveyed, the reliability of a vehicle is the aspect that most determines their purchase, even above the price. Robustness and reliability is one of the great hallmarks of Suzuki, whose models have earned the reputation of being “indestructible”, are at the top of the most prestigious reliability surveys and continue to circulate many years after having left the dealership. Every Suzuki car is developed and manufactured with durability in mind.

In the 2024 car brand reliability and satisfaction survey, the OCU asked 29,873 motorists in 9 European countries which brands and models visit the workshop the least. All of them indicated their car model, the breakdowns they had suffered since purchasing it and their level of satisfaction with the vehicle, providing information on 276 car models. To assess reliability, not only the number of breakdowns has been taken into account, but also their severity, the age of the car and the kilometers traveled.

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