Supporting Olympic Dreams: Ajinomoto Partners with Judoka Ryu Saito for Paris 2024

Based on the knowledge about food and amino acids that we have cultivated since our founding, we have been supporting various sports, such as judo athletes Hifumi and Uta Abe and breaking athlete Shigekix.
Now, we have signed a partnership agreement with Saito, who has been selected to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympics, and will be supporting him in his first Olympic challenge. To help Saito maintain his “fighting body” as he takes on the world in the men’s over 100kg class, which is crowded with strong competitors, we will support him with daily training, training camps, and nutritional support activities during the tournament, thereby contributing to him realizing his goals.

<Profile of Ryu Saito>
Name: Tatsuru Saito
Affiliation: Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd.
Date of birth: March 8, 2002
Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Background: Influenced by his father, the late Jin Saito (who won gold medals in the men’s over 95kg judo category at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 1992 Seoul Olympics), he began judo at the age of five. In his sixth year of elementary school, he won the individual competition at the National Junior Judo Championships, and in his third year of junior high school, he won the individual competition at the National Junior High School Judo Championships. After moving to Tokyo and enrolling at Kokushikan High School, he won his first international tournament at a junior tournament held in Russia in his second year of high school. He went on to Kokushikan University, and in his second year of university, he won his first senior international tournament at the Grand Slam Baku, and in his third year of university, he won his first All Japan Championship.
Main titles:

2021 Grand Slam Baku Winner
2022 All Japan Championship Winner
2023 World Masters 3rd place
2024 Grand Slam Kazakhstan Winner

When I was in my second year of university, I started to feel strain on my joints, so I tried to lose weight, but I couldn’t perform to my full potential and I couldn’t concentrate on training. My instructor told me to “eat properly!”, so I started to eat properly, and I gained mass again and was able to exert strength again.
However, no matter how big your body is or how much muscle you have, all human joints are the same. How can I lose weight without lowering my output to reduce the burden on my joints? That’s when I met Mr. Kurihara from Ajinomoto’s Victory Project®.
As I talked with Kurihara-san, I was able to shift my mindset from obsessing about losing weight to changing the inside of me, and I feel that this fits me very well. I want to stabilize my weight and make more and more changes. I feel that there is a lot of room for improvement for me right now!
I am truly grateful for this kind of support. “Thank you so much!”

1. Contract period: May 1, 2024 (water) to April 30, 2025 (water)
2. Contract amount: Undisclosed
3. Rights acquired by the Company under the contract: Various marketing activities using Mr. Saito’s image
4. Contract categories: Foods (seasonings, sweeteners, soups, etc.), amino acid-containing nutritional supplements including “Aminovital®” brand products (powders, tablets, jellies, beverages), frozen foods, coffee beans

As an official partner of the JOC since 2003 and a JOC Gold Partner since 2009, the company has been working on the “Victory Project®”*, a program to support the development of the Japanese Olympic team, and has provided nutritional support. In 2016, the company signed an official partner contract for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and in January 2022, it signed a new contract with the JOC as an official partner of TEAM JAPAN (for seasonings, dried soups, nutritional supplements, frozen foods, and coffee beans).
*Supporting top athletes in their conditioning through sports nutrition and amino acids to help them win on the world stage

With the corporate slogan “Eat Well, Live Well,” the Ajinomoto Group will contribute to the well-being of people, society and the planet through AminoScience® and achieve further growth.

The Ajinomoto Group’s sales revenue for fiscal year 2023 is expected to be 1,439.2 billion yen. As of 2024, the company has bases in 34 countries and regions around the world and sells its products in more than 130 countries and regions. For more information, please visit

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