Sunday at the Genova Sports Festival: A Day Full of Emotions and Activities for All

Sunday at the Genova Sports Festival: A Day Full of Emotions and Activities for All

GENOVA – After a Saturday full of sun and sport, including performances and awards ceremonies, Sunday is the Sports Festival promises to be full of emotions with sports tournaments, skating and dance shows and the small and large runners of the Blue Mile and Minimiglio.

The Sunday of the Sports Festival opens with runners – small and large – of the running race around the Magazzini del Cotone: the Blue Mile and the Minimiglio. At 9:00 the first to cross the finish line will be the adults of the Blue Mile, in a challenge over a length of 1,609 km; while starting from 11:00 it will be the turn of the little ones, children divided into age groups who will show all their sporting spirit.

Combat arts in the morning in Piazza delle Feste with the Uisp Judo Trophywhile on the playing fields it is time for basketball, football, hockey, ciclotappo and subbuteo tournaments.

The afternoon will be full of events: skating shows (2.00 pm) and FIDS sports dance (4.30 pm)while at 5.00 pm the arrival of Giusi Parisi, a blind cyclist, who has crossed Italy with his project “Italy in Tandem” is expected.

Sunday will also and above all be the final day for the Sports Passport, It has now become a highly sought-after tool for children and has literally sold like hot cakes. As always, there will be many sporting activities that children can try, without forgetting a few stops to rest, perhaps admiring and applauding one of the many performances on the stages, from dance to oriental arts.

Among the activities of the police forces, always present at the Festival, this year’s great novelty is the Air Force flight simulator which will make you experience the sensation of flying on the tricolor arrows.

Not just activities for the little ones thoughbecause even adults will continue to test themselves by trying the many different lessons of holistic disciplines and fitness, at the Fitness Stage and on the Barge Island, to discover a new passion.

While a Sunday full of fireworks is being prepared, the emotions of yesterday were great.

On Saturday the festival opened with the award ceremony of the 75 winning students of the “Il Bello dello Sport” school competition, characterized in 2024 by record participation with 10317 entries. Highly expressive drawings, exciting themes: the winners were, among others, the vice-president of CONI Silvia Salis and the paralympic swimming champion Francesco Bocciardo. Further recognition, with two GenovaRent bonuses of 300 euros, went to IC Pegli (primary) and IC Terralba (lower secondary) for having participated with the greatest number of entries. Applause also for the photographers of the “Nicali-Iren” award, for those awarded by the public (first place for Chiara Alberti with the gift of a GNV trip) and by the quality jury (victory for Alessandro Aonzo with the gift of a scooter Iren).

A particularly significant Saturday for what happened in the body of water.

All the Jet Ski Therapy champions are back, set by Fabio Incorvaia, seven-time powerboat world champion, in the suggestive portion of the body of water between the Bigo and Renzo Piano’s Bolla.

The two boats chosen by FIV and the Port Authority also set sail from the Old Port of Genoa for a project concerning the simulation of ship abandonment following damage approximately 3-9 miles from the coast.

Numerous visits to the immersive room created by ETT to celebrate 25 years of sporting achievements on the occasion of the quarter of a century reached by Stelle nelle Sport. Also seeing each other again, years later, are Silvia Salis, with images of the 2009 Mediterranean Games, and Francesco Bocciardo, with the Paralympics won in Rio and Tokyo. An afternoon full of emotions under the party tent illuminated by the butterflies of the national rhythmic team: Elisa Blanchi, Martina Santandrea and Angelica Savrayuk received thunderous applause during the Auxilium Day and the Gymnastics Festival. Once again the Mandraccio stage closed the day with the finals of the World Football FreeStyle Contest Genoa 2024.

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