Stan Wawrinka: Rafael Nadal is Still a Force to be Reckoned With

Published23. May 2024, 8:34 p.m.

Tennis: Wawrinka: “Nadal is still strong”

The Vaudois trained with the Spaniard on Wednesday at Roland-Garros. “If the injuries leave him alone, he could be very dangerous,” he said.

Rafa Nadal (from behind) and Stan Wawrinka, Wednesday at central Paris.


Stan Wawrinka, who trained with Rafael Nadal on Wednesday at the Roland-Garros Central, assured AFP on Thursday that the Spaniard, who is trying to come back after two years of battling injuries, was “still as strong “.

“It’s good to see that he [Nadal] can play again, that he is not injured. I really hope he can get back in shape because if his body leaves him alone, he has plenty to do. It is still going strong,” declared the Swiss as part of the announcement of a partnership with the company Bitpanda specializing in trading and cryptocurrencies.

“I trained with him on Wednesday. I love training with him, he always puts a lot of intensity, we always do very good workouts. If injuries leave him alone, he risks being very dangerous during the year if he manages to string together tournaments and matches,” added the 39-year-old Swiss.

The former world No. 3, who fell to 97th this week, nevertheless recognizes that Nadal, who will celebrate his 38th birthday on June 3, is no longer quite the clay-court ogre he once was. and in particular because he no longer moves as fast. But for Wawrinka, more than age, it is the injuries that handicap the Mallorcan.

“There are things he does less well than before, but it’s because of injuries,” assured the three-time Grand Slam winner (Australian Open 2014, Roland-Garros 2015 and US Open 2016) .

Against Murray, “it could be a very interesting match”

He himself will face in the first round another glorious veteran in a duel with the flavor of a final… from a few years ago: Andy Murray.

The Swiss and the Scotsman are the only two players to have won three Majors during the era of Big 3 domination (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic).

“A reunion. We have played each other several times in recent years at Roland-Garros, big matches and slightly less big matches since our injuries,” recalled Wawrinka.

He himself had surgery on his right knee in 2007 and his left foot in March and June 2021.

“He’s someone I know very, very well. We’ve played each other plenty of times throughout our careers. We’ve had some big injuries in recent years, but it could be a very interesting match,” he said, stressing that he and Murray were “looking for victories this year.”

“I have won few matches since the start of the year, but overall my level physically and technically is there. In training, things are going well so I hope I can win matches,” Wawrinka replied when asked what goals he had set for himself.


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