SD Formentera succumbs in Izarra and is a Third Federation team

It’s over. The SD Formentera descends and will be a Third Federation team next season. The pitiusos lost 1 to 0 in the second leg of the play-out of permanence of Second RFEF in Market place before him starin a match in which the Navarrese knew how to defend in order, to come out on the counterattack through their two wings, especially thanks to an inspired Arbeloa, who was the best of the match and unsettled the Formentera defense.

On the Estellica field, made of artificial grass, a clash began in which the two teams went out to test each other, trying to secure the ball without giving rise to any losses that could generate chances for the rival. In the second minute, the locals protested a possible penalty on Javi Gómez, who was knocked down by a Pitiuso defender without Rivera Olmedo, very good throughout the match, declaring a maximum penalty, despite the protests of the local players and the fervent hubby. The match began with controversy in Estella. Formentera had a hard time taking possession of the ball in the early stages, but they shook off the Navarrese pressure as the minutes passed, against a rival that had not lost in its Merkatondoa fiefdom since last January 28.

Izarra, with the result in their favor after 0-1 in the first leg, played calmly, aware that it was Formentera who had to take a step forward in search of the goal that would tie the tie in the tie. In the 16th minute, it would be Javi Gómez again who fell inside the area and claimed another penalty, before which Olmedo, well positioned in the action, allowed it to continue. The burly attacker was being a headache in the melee with the island defenders.

It was the 25th minute when Ribeiro, in a good play on the wing, centered the ball to Gorliz, who was on the verge of scoring and putting the first goal on the scoreboard in what was the clearest chance so far in the game for the from Maikel Romero, who did not stop giving instructions to his team from the technical area. But it would be Javi Gómez again, three minutes later, who would crash the ball into Guzmán’s crossbar after a great cut inside the area. It would be the prelude to what would happen in the 40th minute when, after a corner from Formentera, Izarra would put together a great counterattack masterfully defined by Javi Gómez, who would score the first goal for the local delirium. Fair reward for the Navarrese, who were being better in the first half. With this, we would reach the break. 1-0 for the Estellicas, who were executing the match plan of their coach, Rodri Hernando, in a masterful manner. Do not risk any ball behind and come out through quick transitions. Direct football that was causing a big injury to Maikel Romero’s team, who would have to activate his players while passing through the locker room.

Lots of possession, few chances

The second half began with a change of team from SD Formentera. Jorge Domingo left his place on the field to Ismail, and the defense of five would now have four troops, to accumulate more men up front and try to generate danger on the goal of Ángel Fraga, who was being a mere spectator. The visitors came out with enthusiasm and predisposition, they took control of the game against a withdrawn Izarra, who did not mind giving up the ball and coming out with his two daggers on the wing. In the 62nd minute, a free kick centered in the area found Madariaga’s shot, almost scoring the second for Estella’s team.

The islanders were owners of the ball, but they could not generate any clear chances, and so the minutes passed, with Izarra defending in a low block and Formentera beginning to make hasty errors. It was not until the 84th minute when Giuliano, on a loose ball inside the area, would launch a powerful shot on goal that between Fraga and the crossbar was sent to a corner, in what was the clearest chance of the game for the visitors.

With this, a tragic year came to a close for SD Formentera, which had attended the play-out after a triple tie with Andratx and Valencia B, and that consummated their relegation to the Third Federation.

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