FC Bayern Munich: Everything to zero: Neuer calls for a “restart” at Bayern

FC Bayern Munich Everything to zero: Neuer calls for a “restart” at Bayern

FC Bayern Munich cannot be satisfied with the current season. photo

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Roberto De Zerbi becomes available in England as a coaching candidate for the dethroned champions from Munich. Sports director Eberl cannot be lured out of his reserve. A lot has to change at FC Bayern.

Everything to zero. After a symptomatic season finale and Thomas Tuchel’s last game, FC Bayern can concentrate entirely on the so far unsuccessful search for a coach. National soccer goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is calling for a fresh start after the Bundesliga defeat in Hoffenheim and the missed runner-up position – “for us, for the club, also from our side of the team.”

Search for a trainer in a constant loop

Sports director Max Eberl has at least indirectly ruled out a commitment from Roberto De Zerbi. When asked after the record champions’ 2-4 defeat after a 2-0 lead at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim whether he could “vehemently object” if it was predicted that the new Bayern coach was Italian, Eberl replied on Saturday evening on ZDF. “Sports studio”: “Yes.” The 44-year-old De Zerbi was born in Brescia, Italy. It was announced on Saturday that he would be leaving his club Brighton & Hove Albion. Massimiliano Allegri, who was released from Juventus Turin, had also already been linked to the Munich team.

Despite the numerous rejections, Eberl is convinced that the search for a coach will end well. “We will find a good solution. A very good friend of mine always says: The best comes last,” said the 50-year-old before the last game of the season on Sky.

Thomas Tuchel’s departure

After the eighth defeat of the season, the outgoing head coach went towards the opponents’ bench to dutifully shake the hand of his colleague Pellegrino Matarazzo. When Thomas Tuchel saw that he had disappeared into a crowd of cheers and was exuberantly celebrating TSG’s entry into the European Cup, he waved him off and disappeared into the dressing room. The press conference with Tuchel lasted just three minutes.

“We defended absolutely inadequately,” criticized the 50-year-old after the titleless season, at the end of which his team negligently gambled away a possible participation in the Supercup against champions Bayer Leverkusen at the opening of the coming season. His team had a string of ball losses and individual mistakes. “Another bitter defeat, completely unnecessary, but… it just happened far too often.”

Thanks from Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller was completely satisfied and said: “I really want to get out of this season and into the new one.” The striker expressly thanked the coaching team, “because they really put everything into it. Even in this wild year, under no easy circumstances, Tuchel had to sweep away one or two piles that he didn’t produce himself.”

Warning and denial from Manuel Neuer

Captain Neuer called for a new start after the messed up season. “It was a very difficult season for all of us,” said the 38-year-old national goalkeeper. “It’s clear that things can’t go on like this now. We players also have to – I think – show a completely different face than the team for next season in order to be able to attack fully again.”

When asked whether the club would also have to show a different face in the new round, Neuer replied: “Everyone has a duty.” He answered the question of whether FC Bayern had too much coaching attrition with a clear “yes”.

Neuer found the collaboration with Tuchel “very good” and added: “We always trust those responsible. And we will see what kind of solution is found. But a solution will certainly be found.” The fact that he and Müller explicitly campaigned for Tuchel to stay was “completely wrong. Thomas and I didn’t go to the coach.”

Worries about Pavlovic

Aleksandar Pavlovic, who was nominated for the provisional German European Championship squad, had to leave the field early in Sinsheim with an ankle injury. “Aleks has a twisted ankle and is being examined in Munich to see if it’s something worse,” said Tuchel. The 20-year-old midfielder is in national coach Julian Nagelsmann’s 27-man squad, from which one player will be removed before the European Championships (June 14th to July 14th). Jamal Musiala and Leroy Sané, who have been suffering for some time, were missing on Saturday anyway.




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