Samir Nasri’s Intense Debut and Hilarious Reflections on the 2010 World Cup Strike

After his debut during the Kings World Cup with the Foot2Rue team on Monday in Mexico, Samir Nasri participated in a live on Twitch with streamer AmineMaTue. The opportunity for the ex-midfielder to return to the Blues strike in Knysna during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

An intense, intoxicating and frustrating baptism. Samir Nasri went through all the emotions during his debut at the Kings World Cup with the Foot2Rue team on Monday in Mexico. At the end of a stunning scenario, the French won against the Spanish PIO FC (5-5, 2 tab to 1). Rather discreet on the pitch despite a slim figure, Samir Nasri injured his thigh during the match. The former midfielder had to go out to have a strap placed on his thigh, before being forced to get around on crutches. After the match, the 36-year-old former French team player came to participate in the live Twitch broadcast of AmineMaTue, the president of the Foot2Rue team.

The opportunity to return in particular to the strike of the Blues in Knysna during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. A competition for which Samir Nasri was not called up by coach Raymond Domenech. “I was hidden in the hold, it was me who told them not to come down,” the native of Marseille first laughed. Before explaining: “I wasn’t there brother. On the other hand, what did I celebrate when it happened, I tell you the truth (laughs). I was in Las Vegas. We were in the room with my friends, there were five of us with the time difference, in the morning there were the World Cup matches, I saw basically: ‘The French national team is on strike. ‘. They’re on strike. Oh my mother’s life, musically (he mimes dance steps)… yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s not me!

“We all sat down with popcorn.”

At the end of 2022, the former dynamiter of OM, Arsenal and Manchester City had already returned jokingly to the Knysna fiasco during a program broadcast on Canal +: “How happy I was. I was in Las Vegas. They don’t talk about football in the United States. I get up, I turn on the TV, I see a bus and I see the headlines: ‘The French national team is going on strike’. strike. I say to myself, no (laughs). Hop, the smile is back. My friends come down and say to me: ‘What’s happening?’ We all sat down with some popcorn. I said: ‘We need French TV, I want to see what’s being said on French TV’ and I said: ‘Wow, luckily, actually. ‘It’s a blessing that I wasn’t there’ But then, looking back, it’s still a regret not to have played in a World Cup…”.

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