Paul George Interviews Top NBA Draft Prospects on Podcast

In a different style than JJ Redick, Paul George has become a reference with his podcastand on Monday, he received Alexandre Sarr and Reed Sheppard, two players expected in the Top 5 of the next Draft. The French interior remains the big favorite to be selected by the Hawks in first place, and Paul George asked him how he sees himself in five years, once he is well established in the NBA.

“I see myself in a winning team. I’m well surrounded, and I hope it’s the team that drafted me.” replies Olivier Sarr’s little brother. “On an individual level, I just want to win the Rookie Of The Year award, have All-Star selections, and be on the All-NBA Teams, maybe in my 3rd, 4th or 5th year. »

Yet classified as a pivot at 2m16, Alexandre Sarr sees himself more as a strong winger, capable of moving up the field with ball in hand. A few days ago, he explained that he was inspired a lot by Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo, while some imagine him more as a new Jaren Jackson Jr. or Evan Mobley. “If I’m inspired by what Giannis does in transition, it’s finding yourself one-on-two, and finishing at the rim. When you’re big and athletic, it’s a move that can really help.” he believes.

A versatility that allows him to enter several game patterns

“I like the comparison with Giannis” answers Paul George. “Giannis is one of your favorite players, and I see a similar style of play with that ability to get the rebound, go up the court, dribble and create… I think you look like him. Giannis is the prototype of the “big man” we play with. I love this comparison. I think he’s very close to the way Giannis plays, in Giannis’ style of play. »

Seen as a complete interior, Alexandre Sarr is questioned about “ the most underrated quality of his game« . “I think people don’t know my offensive game because my role was limited [en Australie] » replies the Frenchman, before discussing his primary quality: “I would say my versatility on both ends of the court because it gives me the ability to play with different schemes and I can adapt to a lot of those schemes.”

Obviously, Paul George and his two acolytes tried to trap him by asking him if he preferred to play for the Hawks, the Wizards or the Rockets, who have the first three choices. “I don’t waste time asking myself the question, since it’s not me who decides” he replied.

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