Rudy Gobert Fined $75,000 for Gesturing Money at Referees: NBA Condemns Unprofessional Behavior

A Rudy Gobert It has been expensive for him to tell the referees to their faces that they charge money to help the Denver Nuggets as was the case in Game 4 of the series against the The Minnesota Timberwolvesin which the Frenchman directed the vehement gesture of money with his hand to the referees.

The NBA has fined the center $75,000also taking into account the history of controversies that the interior accumulates, since it was already forced to pay $100,000 this season for making the same gesture to referee Scott Foster two months ago.

The American league severely condemned Gobert’s act in its statement, noting that “it is an unprofessional gesture that questions the integrity of the league and its referees” and that it “takes into account Gobert’s history of inappropriate conduct towards referees.” .

The French, recently proclaimed Best Defender of the Yearreacted to the return at shootaround the morning before Game 6 last night between Nuggets and Timberwolves.

“I’m not surprised. There was no message, just emotions. I have to control my emotions, it was a very physical match, an emotional match so I have to control my emotions,” said the Frenchman in statements reported by ESPN.

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2024-05-15 09:30:43
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